Pound shop delivering to France!

Friday's piece of good, nay excellent news is that Pound Shop now deliver to France!

Thanks to one of our lovely FB group members bringing this to my attention, I can report that that you can order a whopping 30kg of goods for just £10 delivery. Well worth placing an order or better still, doing a joint one with a friend or neighbour.

Happy shopping!

I have heard that people drink Cola of all kinds?! Again I am sure this does not do a lot of good to their insides as It's also a fantastic rust remover! Even heard some use it as a gentle paint remover....does not bear thinking about. I only buy it for cleaning.

I do that too … the cheaper the better. Hate to think what it does to your gut!

Just to clarify, I put "coca cola" down the loos (bought in France) that has brought them up a treat.....

I had delivery in three days, £1 for tee-hirts - (on a farm you go through loads),However, nothing substitutes french products. and I decry the people who buy "English" from so-called English shops when totally unnecessary (I was behind someone in intermarché the other day who was berating her husband for putting the 29ct vinaigre in the trolley instead of the Sarsons 4 € one... and mayonnaise, the french is fantastic... but when you can get product that you cannot get in France (i.e, brillo pads???) then its worth it. I managed to get some Atonish too for my aga... dream compared to the hard slog with French products. Yes, I know its chemicals but we inheriteid a donkey's year old wood burning stove that had never seen "clean", don't get me started on the loos..... I have put more coke down the toilets in an effort to clean them that anything. has anyone any suggestions to remove horrid brown stains from the toilets??? Please !!!!

Do beware of smaller package sizes when you are comparing prices. I was also disappointed by the range of goods available compared to their stock in-store.

Ordered at 9:00 am, thanks for telling me this was on. We have a UK bank account linked to PayPal so maybe that's why it worked for me? (also have french Paypal which comes up first so that was clearly acceptable too.) If you have problems, sign up first, enter your address details to preferred shipping address in France and payment address as sometimes different. Then place an order.

Just tried to place an order was declined, may be not up and running yet.

Brilliant news!