Pounds up!

(John Withall) #1

Just saying 1.12* just bringing the good news!

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(David Martin) #2

I transferred quite a bit at 1.1232 through TW on Monday. I’ve got a big bill due towards the end of the month so now I’ve transferred enough to pay it the pound is bound to shoot up again before then.

(stella wood) #3

We’ll keep an eye on it… thanks for the tip David… :wink::wink:

(Paul Flinders) #4

It’s incredibly sensitive to any Brexit news at the moment.

I’'m down on the money I moved last week but hey-ho!

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(Bill Morgan) #5

If you would like a good rate, send your Phone No., I will call and let you know, I’ve just made a transfer, you will be Guarenteed a better rate on the morrow :frowning_face:

(Ann Coe) #6

I’ve a better idea Bill … you transfer your money into my account and I will give you a rate based on whatever number mum choses that day. I get to keep the commision though :rofl:

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(Bill Morgan) #7

Mmmmm! :thinking: