Pounds up!

Just saying 1.12* just bringing the good news!

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I transferred quite a bit at 1.1232 through TW on Monday. I’ve got a big bill due towards the end of the month so now I’ve transferred enough to pay it the pound is bound to shoot up again before then.


We’ll keep an eye on it… thanks for the tip David… :wink::wink:

It’s incredibly sensitive to any Brexit news at the moment.

I’'m down on the money I moved last week but hey-ho!

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If you would like a good rate, send your Phone No., I will call and let you know, I’ve just made a transfer, you will be Guarenteed a better rate on the morrow :frowning_face:

I’ve a better idea Bill … you transfer your money into my account and I will give you a rate based on whatever number mum choses that day. I get to keep the commision though :rofl:

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Mmmmm! :thinking: