Pourriture fibreuse or white rot - any advice please?

I am looking for some advice. We have just received the reports for on the property we are hoping to buy.

Some pourriture fibreuse or white rot has been found. I have been doing some research on this but can’t figure out if it is something to worry about. It has been found on two beams in the kitchen and nowhere else.

We walked away from a property that had considerable dry rot but that seemed to be more serious than white rot. Can it be treated easily and inexpensively?

Anyone with any experience or knowledge of pourriture fibreuse who can help?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Glen

Thanks for the very detailed reply! We don’t know the extent of the infestation but I don’t think it is too bad as we missed it and we we both switched on to looking for fungal growths after missing the dry rot in the other place - not that we are experts of course! Will ask the agent if she can get us pictures. At least we know how to treat it now and will have to look at how we can improve the air circulation when it is empty.



Could it be Wet rot?


if you get no further with this here in general discussion, I suggest you start a thread in the Renovation group.

Kind regards