Poverty and how you can help

(stella wood) #1

We’ve probably all got more than we need stuffed in cupboards etc…

Please consider donating any surplus (in reasonable condition) to Secours Catholique… to help those in need… and … the association helps folk of all creeds … :wink:

There will be a collection point/distribution centre not too far away… :thinking:

(Jane Williamson) #2

We give by a Scottish neighbour to them and it goes to help refugee families.

(stella wood) #3

Excellent Jane…

They try to help absolutely everyone… regardless of creed or nationality.


(Jane Jones) #4

Dreadful story in the papers yesterday about operation Christmas child…the scheme to get people to fill a shoebox with toys to send to deprived kids across the world. Turns out they are targeting muslim areas, and including proselytising christian literature along with the box. Reinforces my dislike of giving to religious bodies. I give to local non religious charities that help the homeless and needy - of all ages.

(stella wood) #5

I am glad you give to somebody… it is up to each individual to make the choice of where they donate…

(Jane Jones) #6

Absolutely, always have and always will as we never forget how lucky we are. It just shocks me slightly that people can practice this kind of deception.

(stella wood) #7

I know of shoebox charities who do just what they say… but they are the local … hospital/school/charity ones… and for the benefit of local folk…

could you please provide the Link to whatever you read… ???

(In France “Secours catholique” is well known and used by one and all… it is a charitable organization that the non-French may not be aware of… )

(Paul Flinders) #8

My Son’s school used to support this scheme - until I explained the links to Franklin Graham and the evangelical message that goes along with the boxes.

They stopped

To be fair I think that they had complaints from other parents as well.

(Jane Williamson) #9

Is that a Catholic charity?
It is extremely short sighted as the recipients could be put in danger.

(stella wood) #10

Ah… Samaritan’s Purse … perhaps… :thinking:

from what I have just read via Google… for me, at least… that scheme does seem to have inappropriate ideas/aims…

Personally, I just want to help someone/anyone feel a little less alone/unloved…or whatever… :relaxed::relaxed: and I support several charities that do just that… and more… :hugs:

(Paul Flinders) #11

(stella wood) #12

Jane… I rather think (from investigation via Google) that Samaritan’s Purse is the charity which has given some cause for concern… and NO it is NOT Catholic… it is described as Christian though…

Its CEO is the son of Evangelist Billy Graham… (according to Google)

(Jane Jones) #13

I didn’t say it was catholic…but it is supposedly christian. I only have a very vague idea of the differences between the christian sects so I’m afraid I don’t particularly distinguish.

(stella wood) #14

Hi Jane Jones… I was replying to Jane Williamson… who asked if it was Catholic… :wink: