PPI ? DIY works

I just thought i would say…for those that have not done so, and have had loans from banks etc, credit card money swaps etc in the past… Do the PPI yourself. Most of the banks /card suppliers have their own websites, and it doesnt take too long.
I completed some, just because I had had accounts with them… the first one which i thought would be pittance if any…has just refunded me over £ 2k …result. So for 10 minutes work, one of these companies would have profited over £700

That’s fine IF you have the information. If like me you closed the accounts 6 years ago and don’t have account numbers etc. It is a nightmare. I contacted the bank concerned and gave them DOB, all addresses, name, where credits were coming from (salaries ect) but they told me I didn’t have an account or credit card with them. Funny because my salary was paid in for over 20 years before I closed the account!

It’s frustrating when you don’t have the details. Fortunately I carefully avoided PPI or anything similar because it was typically obvious that it offered poor value for money (rather like insurance when sending things by courier).

However there was one car loan where it was definitely mis-sold as I was told the loan could only be sold with payment protection (not the case, as I understand). I suppose it would have amounted to £500 or so but we are talking about the early 1990’s and I have no paperwork for the car or loan (the car was scrapped in about 2000) and have changed banks twice since then, in any case the loan was not through my bank, so I suspect that even a PPI chasing outfit might find it a challenge!

Yes Sue that is right, I did have account info, as it is a current account. I have also sent off a couple which are not current, and do not have account details, so these are a bit of an unknown at present. BUT just because you don’t have anything current with them, does not mean they can abscond from the issue. In fact as time passes, i will have to make decisions myself in how far i can take it personally.

I know I had PPI with a personal loan from Lloyd’s Bank a long time ago and was told I could only have the loan if I took the PPI, even though was in full time employment. Have since (25 years ago) changed banks and have no idea what the account number was, and as such Lloyds have rejected my claim twice now. First time I did it myself, second time I used a company, they do nothing you can’t do yourself.