Praying for rain

An old religious ceremony for calling for rain was enacted here in Perpignan yesterday afternoon through the streets and across the Tet. Loads of people joined in and it made the national news last night as well. Blow me down, it absolutely poured most of the night so someone upstairs was obviously listening!


Sounds like you need a plumber if you’ve had water pouring from upstairs most of the night. :sweat_smile::laughing:

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I live in a bungalow :smile:

Our dog trainer always told us not to try a command unless we felt there was a chance of success, perhaps for credibility rain seers have to do the same?

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Yes, it was rather cloudy and overcast yesterday and meteo France did have the risk of showers on it’s map but that covers a large area. Still what came down has helped and the apricot orchards are in bloom at the moment.

What was the weather forcast before the ceremony commenced?

Oh you cynic, @John_Scully!!!


It seems EXACTLY the right question to ask IMO. One of my biggest frustrations with people wanting to believe stuff is that they don’t want to ask the difficult questions for claimed miracles. It’s a sort of Schroedinger approach to belief, where we can claim it happened because we believe it did.


The cynic in me wonders why the ceremony isn’t held in mid July.

Who wants rain in July?

Not me for sure, but there would be less chance for divine attention to skew the results in their favour.

Because, after all, who would want to believe in a God who needed help?

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We had rain here in Burgundy too, very heavy showers during the day.
Thank you.

And once Jane had had her fill it came over to us….

Going by the MF website map for the region, heavy rain was forecast for the late evening but those maps only have a symbol over a large area. The procession would have been planned for a while as they had flower arrangements on the thing they carried the saint on, you don’t just go and buy those ten mins before setting off. Still I suppose the religious folks get something out of it.

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Or it was complete coincidence :slight_smile:

I think the ceremonial procession sounds rather lovely. More about hope and gratitude, things currently in short supply. I applaud them and am very happy they had rain. Blew our way too and I hope helped our valiant farmers.

Just read the local paper and we had three weeks worth of rain that night over the region which varies from commune to commune. It was very dark cloud over the mountains yesterday afternoon but clear blue skies here and nothing fell. Coming from Bretagne, the procession reminded me of the Pardons they hold there for many different saints and reasons.

Probably the first time that anybody wanted it to rain on their parade.