Pre-flight snack for a rodent at Charles de Gaulle airport!

Nothing surprises me about Roissy … from the transport in the centre of Paris ( a rat run ) to the dreadful service and lack of information at this dirty airport. What a way to treat arrivals and departures to this lovely country. Honteux ! :frowning: I must say that this looks more like a mouse than a rat though :wink:

What a clever enterprising mouse :mouse2::heart:


Had a quick trip back to England last week to see “not well” family. First thing we saw when we got off the ferry at Newhaven were 5 or 6 rats, before we had got to passport control. No documents I guess!

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The trouble is big companies employ big companies (appel d’offres). Big companies have salesmen. I’ve just got back from a meeting in Blighty, with an ex salesmen for an international Pest company. As a salesforce of 50 the y had to sell £1,500 of new orders a day. Sales over integrated pest management went out the window.

Public health officers do not have pest control qualifications in the UK, nor in France.

This is all too often but the diligent don’t get a chance over the fat cats. Pun intended!

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Yes what an enterprising French mouse!


@anne i have flown from Roissy many times as thé airport is. not far from home…quite honestly i find thé airport clean and thé staff helpful and professional

Well Carol it’s certainly changed a lot since the last time I used it then, thank goodness ! :slight_smile:

Is there a follow-up story ???.. the person took the video…then, what happened after that ??.. this is worse than waiting for the next instalment of one’s favourite serial…

Hoping the video was shown to those in a position to do something about it…I wonder if the videoer (?) actually bought something to eat after filming the rodent… :thinking:

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I wondered that too Stella, I also wondered that if there was sesame seed or cereal bread whether one could tell the difference between that and mice poo :nauseated_face:… but I digress again !

Ann… I have discovered how to tell the difference between bat droppings and mouse poo… not sure if it is worth noting on my CV :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dare I ask how Stella ?

Bat droppings disintegrate/crumble-into-dust easily… mouse droppings are … well… not so easily destroyed…

Great relief to find we have zillions of bats and not mice in the attics… :heart_eyes:

One last question, I can’t resist it …was it you or your OH who tried the crumble test ? :rofl:

Ha ha… he doesn’t do mucky things like that… he prefers to be up to his elbows in engine oil…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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An easier test is that bats defecate as they roost, so you’ll have lots of poo in a concentrated area. Mice poo and feed at the same time, mice will feed in up to 200 different feeding spots, therefore the poo will be everywhere.

Rats only feed in a couple of feeding spots and need to physically druink fluid. Mice can get most of the moisture it needs from what it eats, negating the need to drink.

Generally, bat,rat, loir, mouse poo, the more shiny and more squidgy, the fresher it is.

Rats have blunt snouts, thick tails, small eyes (compared to head size) hairy ears.
Mice have a more pointed snout, thin tails, large eyes (compred to head size) and less hairy ears.

The video is a rat! Bon appetit.


ha ha… I’m so glad we don’t have zillions of mice pooing everywhere…

This dates from 2015 - It’s not in CDG or on the Champs but in the shopping center at Créteil Soleil

The same Paul had another rat incident when someone found droppings in her sandwich

Créteil has a huge problem with rats in their restaurants which is one of the reasons I no longer go there.

This mouse has a sweet tooth !