Pre-mixed cement/concrete bags in French

Do any one now what bags off pre made mix cement/concrete is called in French I’m making a stand for my barbecue and don’t have space for sand an cement

Cement sand mix is called mortier à maçonner and concrete is beton courant, normally in sacs of 25kgs or 35kgs from memory


For non structural stuff we use this as dead easy. No need for gravel or anything else, just add water.


I have just concreted a parasol base. I bought a couple of bags of cement (35kg) and 6 of ballast (25kg) - I think the ballast was called Melange Grave (1.75 euro/bag). The cement was listed as Ciment and was 4.99 euros a bag).

Just mix 3 ballast to 1 cement and add water


Thanks guys

How did you mix it?

That looks fine for fence posts etc. but I need a drive done. I’ve spent a fortune on tout venant over the years but it might be the moment to bite the bullet and fix the problem - many houses around here have a very rough concrete finish to facilitate the odd snowfall. Is there a name for a crew coming in and laying hundreds metres of this "stuff:?

A shovel ! - but it was only a relatively small amount

“Terrassement” firms can do a range of surfaces but a common one is gravier carrossable, or ask an enterprise maçonnerie. Depends what you want to spend as there are also paysage/landscape firms that specialise in doing driveways in béton, béton désactivé, and different types of gravier - anything upwards of 60€/m2

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that’s not going too be cheap 100 off meters of concrete that’s expensive because it needs to have the strength for lorrys I have seen it around here too but mostly on older property’s ore on farms concrete was not that expensive 30 years ago but now it really is

Thanks Jane, that’s useful.

Yes, need to measure accurately. You’re right about the lorries, I need to empty the fosse every now and then.

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Brings back so many memories of my building days. No matter how long we waited for the ready mix to arrive if I rang the plant then the stock answer was" it’s on the way" or “just loading now”.
The first 20 minutes on site with the mixer wagon was always included in the price plus 10 minutes per metre. Drivers would alter time sheets if they were late and only when the invoice arrived did we realise we had been done.
There were numerous mixes, oversanded, pifa, pump mix etc and dont get me started on the slump!
A favourite structural mix was 4.2 1 by weight, dont ask.
It was an art form trying to get the right concrete for the job but without doubt every builder knew what to tell the driver if the concrete was too dry and wouldn’t flow.
I hope this phrase doesn’t offend but here goes
“Piss it up mate” was the cry and all was well.
Happy days.

I could do with one of those trucks now John.

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I spent 2 years studying concrete at University as part of a Civil Engineering degree - staggering the detail required. So exciting!

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