Premium bond winnings

Could someone please guide me here? In which box on form 2047 do premium bond winnings need to be declared and what is the applicable % of social charges.

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There is a whole specific thread on tax 2021 with guides here which address your question (and probably some other questions as well) Look at the Help Tax Form 2021 pdf. :slightly_smiling_face:
This topic started June 2020 and whilst your enquiry hasn’t changed since, any other matters covered in this topic might well have.

Is there anything you can receive as a resident in France without it being taxed?

There are some tax free peanuts scattered around…you can rent a room in your own house (not holiday let but a lodger) and under a certain amount that’s ok. You can sell a few things on leboncoin (but not too much). You can give someone a lift and ask them to pay for the petrol, and you can be paid a small amount for voluntary work you do for associations.

But please don’t ask which box these go in on the tax form!

Also the interest on certain specific savings accounts (eg Livret A)

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Aren’t the winnings taxable in France just because they are UK, therefore not exempt? I think French lottery etc winnings are tax free.

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UK lottery winnings are also tax free here…as you don’t keep your original stake. The issue with Premium Bonds Is that your original money stays in place so it is treated like interest on a savings account


Thank you for pointing me in the right direction! Those guides are really helpful- and so is this active forum.

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Makes sense when you think about it - since you keep ownership and can withdraw your money, it is an investment, not a gamble - the anomaly seems to be on the UK side, treating premium bonds differently from other investments.