Prescription for antidepressants

I am looking for someone to prescribe me antidepressants, and I was wondering if you had any experience. I speak a little French, so maybe I could see a psychiatre who doesn’t speak English, but if you have had any experience with good English speaking psychiatre, I would like to know. My budget is 100 Euro maximum for a session. (Normally, english speaking psychiatre I checked online had more than 130 euros pwer session)

Also, I read that a GP can prescribe antidepressants too. Is this true for all GPs? Has anyone done this?

There is so little information on the internet. I hope you could help me.

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Do you have an old prescription? If so go to a GP (27€) and ask for a repeat. Use googlevtranskate and write your question down if not confident.

If you are going to be in France for a while it might be best to sort out registering properly with a doctor.

I don’t have an old prescription.

I would like to properly register with a doctor, trying to figure out which one would be the best fit for me.


Has it gone up in the last month or so Jane?

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A certain number of psychiatry sessions per year are now going to be fully refunded by the state. I think it is six. Have you tried googling English speaking psychologue in your area?

Hi Cat. I’m already seeing a psychologue online from my country, but I’m looking for a psychiatre (or a GP) who can prescribe me antidepressants.

The English speaking ones are usually out of my budget, but I wanted to know if somebody had good recommendations.

Where are you?

If you are not on a parcours santé or with your registered médecin traitant it is more expensive.

I would look up généralistes in your area, and choose one to register with. Then ask him/her for a referral to a specialist. Most specialists will require you to be referred by your GP.

You said your are a student? Some of this info might help you. And if it’s urgent then the Red Cross has emergency psychiatric support.

In my opinion Quenvin a doctor will not “just” prescribe you anti depressants. They will want to assess your condition and then prescribe the appropriate treatment, which may or may not include medication. If you have used anti depressants in the past it would be importent to inform the doctor of the reasons and the type of medication.

Thank you, sure I only paid €25 a few weeks ago.

As to the ease of getting anti-depressants, we can’t stop our docto from subscribing them for my wife, and, as she doesn’t take them, they are piling up here. So get signed up with a GP Quenvin.

I’ve found french doctors over-medicate hugely. Just about every appointment I refuse some prescription or another, or just smile and take the prescription and then chose which item to get at the pharmacy - or not!


If you are within reach of Torigni-s-Vire, Manche [50] there are two practioners in the health clinic there. I have no experience of them.


My MT is based there. He speaks good English and is a very sympathetic character.

Depends. My dr doesn’t, and tests systematically to see if eg the cough etc is viral before prescribing anything.

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My gp prescribes my antidepressants and has since I moved here in 2015. I was on them when I left the UK and had a repeat prescription form so he could see what meds I was on. I realise you are not in that position. I would suggest you visit a gp and he will no doubt give you a prescription for a psychologue if he feels the need and if he is required to do that to give you anti-depressants.

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My definition of over-medicating is being too quick to offer a drug solution - not that they are giving the wrong drug. I have been offered antibiotics for example in circumstances that I don’t feel warrant it, as despite wonky immune system it does still function. So many things do resolve themselves given a bit of time. If my temperature is under 100 degrees I just wait… And I prefer a prescription for physio than strong psychotropic drugs.

As a sweeping generality, and based on two people’s direct experience with a few anecdotes from others, I think you might be the exception that proves the rule…

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Did your psychologue advice you to get anti-depressants?

I didn’t say anything about the wrong drug - I mean my dr will send you away with nothing if he thinks you don’t need it (ie aren’t actually at death’s door with something treatable) the checking if something is viral or bacterial is to avoid unnecessary antibiotics, obviously.

The principal determinant for prescribing antidepressants is the presence of suicidal thoughts or intentions. If you entertain ideas of self harm you should tell your doctor (MT) who will decide if you need to see a psychiatrist, or to treat you herself/himself under her/his supervision.

Most MTs are very familiar with depressive illnesses and well positioned to advise and treat you.

I have a longer-term depressive disorder with psychotic features and my MT is impressively supportive and understanding. I am also a life -long mental health professional (psychiatric nurse and university teacher). Good luck.