Presents for Family Back Home

Note to the Americans in France Group. Presents for Family Back home. I don't know if it works for the states but I just created a photobook on vista print and had it sent directly to my Mother in the UK. I included some old scanned photos and some more recent ones. There is a program to create the book and a multitude of sizes to choose from. I also had one made in France for the inlaws and this one I used fuji and picked it up from a shop in Figeac. Same procedure, just used their programme. I have already received the fuji book and it's very professional. For information the fuji book had 26 pages and you can put as many photos as you want. I made some pages from smaller photos and others full page. The fuji book was 21 x 21 cm and cost 23€ including delivery. The vistaprint is 20 x 15 cm and cost 16€ including delivery. I may ven create one to satisfy my ego with some of the better shots I have taken, possibly even go to A4 and use it as a portfolio :D

You'll be giving up the day job before you know it :)