President Trump, hero or villain?

You know, I am beginning to think hero! I get bored with those who Trump bash on the basis that they must agree with the press or be seen to be politically incorrect.
His proposed policies may be seen as racist or whatever, & his rhetoric not as smooth as other established politicians, but this is a man of action. The campaign promises he made may not have been internationally popular but he was voted in by “the people” anyway. Then that is when things started to change - immediately he became president he started to fulfil those campaign promises! WOW! A politician who actually keeps his promises! This is a very rare quality in today’s world - an honest politician! You have to be impressed, much better than the wet rags we usually end up with. He goes ahead even if the (politically motivated) press run him down.
Now Syria. We have been hearing all about the atrocities committed by Assad’s forces & see UN sanctions being voted for & against.Meanwhile innocent men, women & children are being killed & maimed every day & now chemical weapons are again being used. Assad just smiles & carries on while being condemned by almost everyone.
Then Pres Trump actually does something about it by taking out some of the means Assad uses to commit these atrocities. At last, a consequence to his actions!
But the press are still in Trump bashing mode. The Telegraph’s New York correspondent sent this "Four children are reported to be among nine civilians killed in the “targeted assault” on the air base, from where Mr Trump said a devastating nerve agent strike was launched earlier this week. Six servicemen are believed to have also been killed."
Tell you what, let’s all just sit here & watch more people die of chemical poisoning. We can always tell each other how terrible it is while the planes are refuelled & re armed with more poison & the death toll rises because no other head of state dares to risk a little press criticism to actually try & stop this.
Well done President Trump!


Good post-Mark, looking forward to the replies on this.


He did what had to be done to the Assad regime, but the job isn’t even half done. Will he have the balls to finish the job, or will his Russian buddies gently persuade him to back off?
It seems like all American (republican?) presidents have to go to war - scary!


Only time will tell. I hope he will finish what he started. If other world leaders & others could remove their blinkers the situation that the world now faces with regard to millions of homeless refugees living in poor conditions & seeking asylum in countries who either don’t want them or just cannot cope, would have been avoided. 5 years of finger waving & sending Assad to his room with no TV achieved nothing.
This situation has expanded to affect most countries in the world because of ineffectual sanctions. The fact that Sweden is also targeted by terrorists indicates that you are vunerable even if your country is not involved in Mid East politics.

Trump happy to bomb Syria but not happy to accept refugees fleeing the war! Something not quite right with that picture…

Heck knows what he’ll be like when he’s finished playing with the small toys and moves on to the big ones!


If you think that someone who abuses women, who is openly racist, who lies as a matter of course, and who is seriously unintelligent is a hero, I can only feel sad about your opinion.


…and became the President of the United States as well!

@Simon. If the war in Syria had been stopped years ago the issue of refugees would not exist.
Hang on, wasn’t the arguement for Brexit linked to immigration?

Is that so Mark…:slight_smile: Crikey what was your subject on Mastermind - The Blee*ing Obvious’ ?

Here’s the thing…the war in Syria wasn’t stopped and there are hundreds of thousands of refugees - refugees that Donald, Theresa and many others just don’t want. Happy to bomb them yes - but to help them when they flee - no bloody way. Sick, sick, sick.


Dear oh dear, when has Trump ordered the bombing of refugees? I missed that! I thought I was looking at a military air base on the news, not a refugee camp. And you are right, the war wasn’t stopped. Isn’t it about time it was? There are still thousands of civilians there who Assad & his russian friends are continuing to bomb & poison. If it is alright with you I may grab a beer & come sit at your table & just watch the continuing atrocities & go tut tut.
Just because the war was not stopped 5 years ago does not mean that it might as well be allowed to continue? If only you were as bright as you are sarcastic!


Couple of things Mark…

Who said anything about Trump ordering the bombing of refugees?

Who said anything about the war being allowed to continue?

Answer : You - only you

My point (again), which has missed you by a mile, is that Trump has no issue bombing within Syria but he refuses to accept any significant number of refuges from the ongoing war. To me, that seems like a juxtaposition. That’s all I was trying to say - so stop trying to pick an argument and read!


What is the link between the USA taking out a military airbase used to by a dictator to gas his own people and immigration policy of the country undertaking that action ?

Just asking…

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My apologies! When you wrote …“refugees that Donald, Theresa and many others just don’t want. Happy to bomb them yes…” I presumed that you meant that they were happy to bomb them (refugees). How silly of me to read happy to bomb them & interpret that as happy to bomb them.
You blame Trump (& others) for not taking in refugees although for most of the time Obama was President. Trump has done more to bring this war to a close in the past few days than the UN has since the war started, & the best place for refugees is for them to be able to go home, not shack up in a country they know nothing about, so if his intervention helps bring it to a close it is much more humanitarian. Enabling these people to go home would be helping them, would it not?


Yes absolutely.

I also blame Obama if that helps you Mark.

In answer to your original question - he’s a villain - managed (more and more so) by autocue.

Oh and - apology accepted :slight_smile:

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I see no difference between Trump and the average politician in any country since time began. If you read behind the history books and headlines of any country you will find similar things that are disagreeable. The famous “King of Camelot” JFK was a womanizer, alcoholic and drug addict. His wife knew and ignored it. FDR had a 20 year affair with his secretary right under his wife Eleanor’s nose. He even brought her into the white house with him. His wife knew and ignored it, the public knew nothing about it. Clinton screwed anything in skirts and his wife most definitely knew about it. Italy had a famous porn star as a politician. The Victorian age covered up a very dark and brutal life underneath the cover of purity and prudery. I’m quite sure every country has a similar history of politicians and those in positions of power. From the distorted headlines and articles I have read in newspapers over the last 40 years, I absolutely believe that the majority of the press are liars and manipulators. And that is no different in any country in the world. I didn’t vote for Trump, but I am willing to wait and see the long-term effects instead of jumping to a conclusion so early in his presidency. And yes, I have no idea why, but we Americans seem to think it is our job to save the world. Not sure how we came to believe that, but it appears to be predominant in the Republican party. And don’t take this the wrong way, but using forcing to stop someone from doing something wrong is a typical reaction. Words unfortunately won’t usually stop someone who does not hold the same values and beliefs as you. If someone already has so little regard for others lives, telling them to stop isn’t going to work. Economic sanctions only hurt those who are already being oppressed, starved and misused. Those in power in those countries take the best for themselves and depriving a country of food or trade only hurts the people more. It doesn’t stop the brutality already occurring. I am not endorsing invading someone else’s country or bombing them into submission and I wish war was not the answer, but nothing else seems to stop despots, dictators and fanatics. Peace and love don’t seem to be popular with those who want to be in charge. Sorry, just my two cents, I don’t have an answer to this whole ugliness of hate and malice in the world. I just wish we could all live and let live.


Marie. I can sympathise with a lot of what you wrote. However, you finish by writing, "

You’re kidding right?

First of all Donald Trump was elected by an antiquated first past the past system that allows for winners to be declared with a minority of the popular vote.

Secondly there is a lot of evidence that Putin interfered with the election. Therefore it is highly unlikely that Donald Trump was elected fair and square.

About Trumps Attack on Syria: This is the man who refuses to allow Syrian refugees into the United States, and then he sends 59 missiles into Syria as humanitarian act? I suppose killing everyone is Syria is certainly an effective way of solving their political unrest. Lets just carpet bomb the entire county; that’ll do wonders for world peace and democracy.


Little bit of a hysterical reply, Derek? How Trump was voted in was by the same system the americans have always used. His was not a special case so difficult to blame Trump any more than you could blame JFK. If Putin did interfere with the election ( & I cannot see exactly how he could have) it seems to be backfiring on him now! Lastly, destroying Assad’s means to wage war by directly targetting military assets rather than civilian towns is probably more humanitarian than shipping the population to alien lands. Selective targetting is completely different to carpet bombing. I’m sure that the people of Syria would ask “world peace & democracy? What’s that then?”


Trump Owned Stock in The Company He Just Helped Make a Billion Overnight by Bombing Syria


This is what the war in Syria is all about:

The only people profiting is the rich!