President Trump - it was a close call

What does the future hold for the USA? Will there be a Trump/Clinton supporters war like the Brexit one?

What does the future hold for Europe, NATO and will this give heart to the Le Pen supporters?

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I would not be surprised to see the equivalentof the verbal civil war which erupted over the brexit (my OH, visiting family in Bournemouth soon after the referendum, actually saw fights break out when brexit was discussed!) but made more worrying because of the gun laws there. Voting in many states was quite close, too.
A president is not autonomous though, so many of his plans will never get past the senate, one hopes.

I think that le Pen must be absolutely thrilled. I am now genuinely frightened about the next election in France.

That is and unless the President has control of both houses, which he has. A very frightening nightmare that has turned into a reality.

I think they will be shouting “DSA, DSA” rather than USA, USA. Lets see what happens to currencies & the SE.

Once we are through the shock/ surprise I guess that like the Brexit ministers, Trump will find there is a large gap between campaign rhetoric and political and economic reality both on the domestic and international front. I would not be surprised to see both Russia and China test his “metal” with staged crises in SE Asia and the Ukraine. I doubt Putin will have a go at the Baltic countries.

However, I also suspect that Trump will react like Reagan after Carter by a strong resurgence of US military power. Much of what he is promising, ignoring how it is to be paid for, needs doing in the USA, much as it does in the UK and that means potentially more on defence, less on social services, (NHS, schools, benefits, etc), higher taxes.

What it does for us, I suspect is not good news but I am confident that the EU will fudge the post Brexit problems as it always does.

We live in interesting times.

By the look of the news coming out of the US the answer to my question “Will there be a Trump/Clinton supporters war…” is YES! Not really a surprise, though, but I wonder how acrimonious it will get?