Price of garages

My son has two adjacent garages in the village where we are currently living; they are not attached to the house. Someone has offered to buy them along with the car he inherited (he doesn’t drive). One garage is bigger than the other and has a sink and water connected. They have an asbestos roof and down pipe which obviously devalues them. Nevertheless, I think my son has been offered a ridiculously low price. I’ve searched online (on Leboncoin, Immonot, etc.) but to no avail. Any ideas as to roughly how much garages sell for (rural area but in the centre of a busy town)?

Probably better to keep the garages, easier to sell the house in the centre of the village if there is secure parking associated.
We have been looking for so long and a lot of the houses we found were not suitable for us i.e. no place to park the car and keep the ‘stuff’ if in the centre of a village.
Your son could always rent them out … in one of the bastide towns we looked the Mairie rented out surplus garages for a peppercorn rent.

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Yes, I agree - but he is going to sell the place anyway as it is in an appalling state and would cost more to renovate than it’s worth. A ‘friend’ offered to buy the garages and his late father’s old car for 2K Euros …

Frankly, 2k is nothing for 2 garages in the centre of almost anyplace.

As Bettina suggests, keep all the buildings together, garages + house - and Sell as one Lot.

We have several properties for sale in my village (for ages now) and I often find myself chatting with would-be Buyers.

One of the sticking points for them seems to be :Where to park the car?? The streets are too narrow and Folk are loathe to rely on the 2 small public car-parks and I can’t say I blame them.

So the houses remain unsold. :zipper_mouth_face:

With so much French property on the market - a property with a Bonus (garages) is more likely to sell quicker than one without, in my opinion.

Anyone with a Garage going spare, here, is sitting on a goldmine. OK maybe an exaggeration, but I’m sure you get my drift.

Ask an Estate Agent what they think, if you really cannot make up your mind.

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I think stella is right on this.
Compare what the property could sell for with and without the garages. I think the difference will be more than the 2k€ offered.


I absolutely agree and think the ‘friend’ was trying to pull a fast one. Neither of us drive but we can see the benefits of having a garage, if only to store things, and a builder would most certainly need to do that given the state and layout of the house. Thank you for your advice.

I would keep both Garages, as well…don’t be tempted to let one go. Two garages makes the Sale much more interesting.

Good luck

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