Price of hearing aids

Sorry I meant CPAM

For glasses I know that as CPAM provide 9 centimes a lens, so 18centimes for a pair of glasses!! Since I don’t have a mutuelle my recent progressive lens cost €30 for the frames and €200 for the lenses. Less 18 centimes of course.

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I’m the same. I avoid wearing hearing aids, though my hearing is far from good. Though I’m thinking about trying the in-ear device. It seems that it is completely invisible.

Very little, as far as I understand, but perhaps someone has used the 100%sante option without a mutuelle and can report back?

See if you can get noise cancelling ones as they clear away a lot of the background noise so you can hear voices clearer at gatherings etc. My Brother has a pair and he says that is the top function, his are also bluetooth

Some feedback from my original post: - I have now had my aids fitted and been using them for a couple of weeks.

My ears were originally treated against various frequencies where I had to press a button when I heard a sound. I struggled to hear anything so I closed my eyes to concentrate. Then I got the hang of it and kept pressing on hearing a sound as requested. After a bit I heard a snigger from the audiologist and opened my eyes.

“Did I get it wrong?” I asked.

“That sound you were pressing to was the church bells ringing in the village.”

The aids were ordered and then they had to be adjusted. For example, a ring of speakers was placed around my neck generating noise and the aids adjusted until the sound was minimised. Once the were adjusted, I was plugged in to Bluetooth. I can now listen to the radio in the silence of the doctor’s surgery without disturbing anyone. I can answer phone calls by tapping my ear and I can speak using the built in microphone. But, better than that, I can now hear conversations in noisy restaurants with lots of background noise. The icing on the cake is the use of rechargeable batteries. My arthritic fingers could not cope with those tiny disposable batteries.

I have to say, I was so pleased with them it felt too churlish to start quibbling over the price. I would have been happy to pay more.

I jumped into my car in a hurry to impress my other half but immediately slammed on the breaks because of the alarming sound the car was making. I had just heard my reverse warning buzzer for the first time!