Prices up, quality down – the new reality for British shoppers post-Brexit

did we really expect anything less… the good news (?) for us immigrants is that we may have more money in our pockets thanks to Macron… :hugs:


Stella, not for much longer if the pound continues to fall.

Macron is cancelling Taxe d’Hab for many of us… :grinning:

Couldn’t help be struck by the irony of the newspapers today. French media is cautiously welcoming Macron’s plans to lighten employment legislation and introduce more flexibility, and UK media is looking at TM’s very flawed proposals aimed at tightening up on the gig economy and zero hours contracts, apparently by creating a whole new employment status that is neither employed nor self-employed, that seems as bad if not worse than French social obligations if it worked but that in practice Uber and suchlike will very easily find a way to side-step.

A lot of truth in this.
Taylor Review: UK should end cash-in-hand economy

Certainly it needs addressing but I don’t think they’ve even started getting to grips with how to address it. I never thought I’d say this but probably it’s hard to beat the French system for cracking down on cash in hand work for householders - an incentive to do things properly in the form of tax rebates via CESU, and heavy sanctions for them if they’re caught employing someone on the black. But the cash in hand culture is so entrenched that people won’t like it one bit and there will be a lot of resistance. Look at how Brits who move to France react to the rules designed to prevent working on the black.

His dependent contractor status makes no sense to me. If it looks like and job and smells like a job and is a job, then there already is a category for that, it’s called employee; why do they need a new category, And again they seem to have missed the point that there will be a lot of resistance. All that will happen is that gig operators will look at the criteria that make a contractor a dependent contractor and make them sign a contract designed to not meet the criteria, eg giving a maximum number of hours just below whatever threshold is set/making them sign to say they will not work exclusively for that operator/etc. And a lot of contractors will sign because working and being ripped off is better than not working at all. It’s a tough problem and as far as I can see, these proposals have no teeth.