Prime à la conversion/casse

Ah, we mustn’t get diverted. I was comparing the sins of young Elon to those of the Quandt family and surmising that if Elon’s more bizarre moments disqualified Tesla as a purchase option, then the crimes of the Quandts (and their years of cover up) should disqualify Bavaria’s finest too :thinking:

The fact that I’m morally comprimised with my Merc is neither here nor there :wink:

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In which case my sins of the grandparents argument applies doesn’t it? - except Musk, not his grandfather is CEO of Tesla.

If you’d ever heard an air cooled flat six at full chat in the Kielder forest you’d be inclined to forgive Porsche anything :blush:

From me looking for reassurance……anyone else done prime à la conversion??

I’ve just scanned down the Ferdinand’ wiki and as I remembered, apart from the forced labour, which as you point out was widespread, I didn’t find anything else I’d consider “wrong”. He was an engineer serving his County. Just like, for example, Von Braun without whom the US IMO would not have made it to the moon in the sixties. In fact Von Braun’s rehabilitation was more iffy insofar as his V2s blew civilians to bits. The V2 was also produced using forced labour. In fact on one of my wanderings I visited Mittelbau-Dora where they were built in caves. Some rusting components are still there. The working and living conditions were beyond horror.

Ah, the wandering mind of the aged I’m afraid. I’ll go back to sealing that painted plant pot. Good luck with the prime.

Think you’ll be well out with that one.
BYD have partnered with Toyota as the Toyota debacle of following hydrogen has cost the company dearly and the shift to hydrogen was really the reason they ended their relationship with Tesla who made the Rav4 EV for them. If only Toyata had held on to the Tesla shares they had.

Even VW Ceo said their lower cost matrix battery should be out in 2023.

We watch from the sidelines.

Yes, as I’ve already stated in this thread.

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The MEB platform is already in use but the ID.4 battery will be Li-Ion AFAIK

There’s certainly lots of interesting stuff happening with batteries - chemistries, form factors, platforms so we *will* see changes - it’s just how quickly; as you say all we can do is watch but there’s a long history of new technologies being oversold on timescales and benefits before their introduction (or sometimes quiet demotion to the “didn’t make it” section of the history books).

Yes indeed but the release from the CEO was after the launch of the id3 I am sure and in response to a question on cost and the uptake of EV’s for average families.

Yes , and I thank you. Just wondered if there were others….

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