Primelocation property blog awards

(graham downie) #1

Wow - thanks a million to those people who nominated me for the Primelocation property blog awards.
I have been shortlisted for three of the four available categories and if you really want to make my day you can vote for my blog here.

It's a tough one though as I'm up against some full time journalists/bloggers with massive resources behind them. Still, if Rage against the machine can knock the X factor winner off the christmas number one slot then anything is possible.

I'm actually chuffed to bits that A little drop of Cognac has done so well. There are literally thousands of property blogs and many of them have professional writers funded by major corporations.

I write this for fun and (sadly) have to put most of my time and energy into running my business and finding beautiful houses for my clients.

Anyway, that's enough self ego will explode if it gets any larger so it's back to "day to day" life now.

Thanks a million if you've voted for me....


PS you can find, my blog, A little drop of Cognac here

(graham downie) #2

Thanks Karina…this no school on Wednesday lark did get some getting used to!

(Karina Driscoll) #3

I will be reading more on Thursday, when I have more time !.. Kids off school tomorrow !

(Karina Driscoll) #4

Great blog Graham ,Peter and I have voted for you, and passed your link to others, Good Luck !!!

(graham downie) #5

Thanks for the kind words James - all help much appreciated…

(James Higginson) #6

Great blog Graham, I’ve voted for you and I encourage everyone else to do the same - only a few days left. The poll closes at midnight on Sunday 31 January. Vote for Graham here.