Prince Harry photographed naked

Hear hear Mark. I'm more than happy to change my HTF to HOE - but the point remains - the only basis for assuming he is a binge drinker (or anything else for that matter) is what we've read / been fed by the media.

Unless of course, anyone here has been on a four day bender with him? In which case, any chance of some photos? James would really appreciate the traffic....

Just out of interest I Googled "Prince Harry binge drinking" & all that came up was a list of contents for magazines with Prince Harry as one headline for his Las Vegas thing, & a totally separate article about binge drinking (a study). There WAS an article accusing the Princes of binge drinking - only one - in the Christian Voice - referring to Peter Phillip's stag night on the Isle of Wight. This was the only example given of Harry being allegedly drunk, no other times were mentioned. I can remember being drunk a few times in my youth but it was never a regular thing so could not be binge drinking!

The problem with emotive subjects where contributers are keen to put their point of view is that there is a temptation to create "facts" to prove a point & I find that to do so weakens one's arguement to the point that it just annoys me, ruining what has been a very good debate! When I contribute to a Survive France discussion I like to feel that I am a guest a a jolly good dinner party & we are having a good chat with the cheese. Sometimes I will throw in a raw topic, sometimes a joke, often I just make point. Others then put a different view & the fun begins, a thinking person's tennis, perhaps. When I leave I like to think that next time we "meet" I will still be welcome for my conduct & not just my views & on a different subject my opponent this time will be my ally next. I am not shocked by implied rude words - I live in the real world & hear the full thing too often - if it is implied I can fill in the blanks myself & can change the words to be less offensive if I choose. The Irish have been getting away with "feck" for years. Are people so dim that they don't see the subsistution?

Carole, stick with us! being a Glasgow lass I'm sure you have heard a few rude words in your time & have enjoyed Billy Connolly - you can't be that precious? :)

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Good morning.

Carol so how....

Morning Carol.

So how would you freshen -up...or lighten-up the Royals?

The show seems to be on the road....

I can see that their job is customer relations...PR assisted by their


Suppose thats ok if UK supports the income paid for the job and continues

to love the Royal family.I have said it before we all think differently and for me

I never decided not to be a royalist.

I am not excited by their presence or convinced about the distribution of wealth in

their direction.At the same time I would not be happy to see any harm come to any

of them and thought that Diana's early death was nothing but tragic. The fact that the Royals

give so many people a reason to smile and, perhaps something to believe in is great. The last

threads of old England.Tradition.

...The Iffiel tower is the most valuable monuement in

Europe and Paris has a pretty good number of tourists visiting.

I am sure that someone will supply figures.

I think the monarchy need a facelift anyway....I am not a great believer in stuffy royals...if you look at other European countries...they have royals that shop without a dozen bodyguards. The royals, I believe, bring in many tourists...I prefer to have them, than end up like France and the US. Our royal family are hugely popular abroad, and in the great scheme of things, are no more expensive than keeping the French MPs...who have ridiculous amounts of money thrown at them and never have to present an expenses chitty....ever! I do object however, to paying huge amounts to MPs...stupid amounts of 'expenses' and keeping the European MPs in luxury...they dont bring in tourists and are a drain on my resources...(I am still a UK taxpayer!), I'm not talking about you, if that is how it came across it was'nt my did the smiley face and so it seemed you were concurring with Catharine, there was someone else as well, and so when you have 3 women kind of having a wee laugh at your expense it doesn't feel too good...

Catharine...Incredible way of turning things around...obviously you can interpret your rules how you like but quite frankly swearing at me...which is clearly what you did...isn't in the spirit of anything good let alone the guidelines of a forum, and so it's apparent I'm talking to a brick wall here really...that's a shame.

woa...! I watched Ken Hom on TV and came back to discover I had missed an altercation...oh dear. Hope no one badly upset....hope nothing I said upset anyone...nothing meant by it...really couldnt care less about the Royals....! Cate...assume you meant Carol(e) with your comment...not Carol...minus getting mighty confused today!!!

@ Cate - can we please have something involving 'dunking' or 'dunkin' / 'tea' / 'ginger nuts' and 'crown jewels' - I'm sort of thinking Ali G style? Leave it to you....!!

It's a wee bit ironic, considering my contributions on the post about being sorry for past actions...but I would sincerely like to apologise to anyone reading my exchanges (however entertaining they may be) with Catharine. There is no point in me commenting further on this...I've said enough.

No I am not threatening you - I am pointing out that you are not adhering to SFN guidelines and I did not swear at you. Please re -read the post and the other comments.

But you weren't being respectful and adult Carole - you were being rude. We were being flippant and had you been here a bit longer you would have got that.

Cate - can I have a song about Harry being well fit please...??

Catharine...are you threatening me? Please stop this silly, childish nonsense. You don't like that I've pulled you up for swearing at me...that's rich!!!

Cate...I realise you guys know one another very well (maybe I'm assuming and I'll get the wrath of Catharine again) but I'm new here and in all the years I've been a member of various forums I've never had someone come at me off the bat like least get to know me first!!!

Like I said in my post to Brian, I haven't taken it to heart, but it hasn't escaped my notice that in her reply to my post about feeling uncomfortable, Catharine takes the defensive and justifies her comment with a...'what do you expect?' kind of retort. Well, what I expect is to be able to air my opinion and then respond to a difference of opinion in a respectful and adult fashion...

Anyway...pleased to meet you x

Brian, thank you, I haven't taken it to heart...I have a really good sense of humour and I enjoy a bit of friendly banter but when you don't know someone and they come at you with some sarcastic comment, combined with a sweary word :), that's obviously been said to big themselves up in front of the other classmates, it isn't a very pleasant way to debate an issue....that stuff I left behind at school....and on our other post about wondering if the French don't like the me a Frenchman any day...they would never be so impolite :) C'est vrai

For me, as a Scottish woman from Glasgow...(we're tough...ha ha ha)...I really don't have any strong views on the monarchy as such...I think the Queen has been an outstanding ambassador for our country...when she goes...we shall see !!!

Dear Carole

*How smart and terribly witty you are...not. * - that is rude, unpleasant and not in the spirit of SFN. I suggest you think more carefully before posting again. Thanks.

Carole, don't take it to heart. We rag each other terribly on here. Cate is always having a go at me and I give it back, Carol (without an 'e') and I have arguments but we get over it.

On your point about the nail in the coffin though and I think I picked up you are a Scot or are in Scotland (I am one of them) along the way on another post, well Republicanism has taken on new vigour there over the last 30 or so years and monarchy is not a popular topic as I understand it. The likes of Harry are part of the rationale for getting rid of them up there, the civil list makes him rich without lifting a finger and on top of that he has an army officer's salary well above the average income. It doesn't make friends. Royalty should be kept out of sight if they are to survive the modern world and this is an example of providing every example for saying bye-bye to them. Harmless fun perhaps, but it made headlines and they actually make those of us who cannot indulge ourselves that lifestyle feel all the more inferior.

...what a lovely turn of phrase...and you're very proud of it, obviously. How smart and terribly witty you are...not. Anyway...look up the term 'binge drinking'...I think you'll find it's an accurate description of what PH did and has been doing for many years (you read the papers I imagine)

That aside, i think he's just like many young men and women of the same age and i also happen to think he's one of the good guys.

Thank you for such a lovely introduction..I'll be ready for you the next time

Just wondering where that shed load of silver spoons is....

Not sure Carol.

Anyone who is bright and hard working deserves everything

he/she achieves.

It is really nice to give.Really nice to share.

Envy usually relates to wanting something which is not yours.

Personally I only want what is mine and for others a share of what life has to offer.

Watch out for the Bollinger....a bad year can upset a girls skin.

@ Carole - it means How The Fuck - an expression that is quite usual these days ( along with WTF - or What The Fuck) - and I'm sorry it makes you feel uncomfortable but if you make sweeping generalisations about people (that I am presuming you don't know personally?) being binge drinkers- that is probably going to happen. Prince Harry would also probably think being called a binge drinker is not very nice!

From the ABCNews story, it is obvious that it wasn't strip billiards going on, it was a pool party - a swimming pool party!

There seems to have been a challenge between two sportsmen and a soldier to a swimming race: they would all have been used to getting in and out of their clothes in an all-male environment without being shy, and if they didn't have their swim-shorts why not swim naked?

It all seems to be a non-story apart from the question as to how come the security staff didn't prevent the pictures being taken: but nowadays doesn't everyone take their mobile phone everywhere?