Prince Harry photographed naked

As I'm sure you're all aware Prince Harry was recently photographed naked during a game of strip billiards in a Las Vegas hotel. The resulting photos are all over the internet and UK red top 'The Sun' also published them despite St. James' palace requesting that the UK media did not.

Just a bit of harmless fun or another nail in the royal coffin?

just seen your comment BRIAN!

And nice to see everyone "getting behind" Harry

This made me laugh ...

Art critic Brian Sewell reviews one of the naked Prince Harry images, brings it nicely down to earth and even manages to slip in the word ectoplasm!

listen to ‘Sewell on Prince Harry’ on Audioboo

Oh no more likely to be the kitten choir from East Ham

dueting with 2 young blonde lads with great voices and the

come from Dublin.

You say that now Barbara, but she'll be N°1, top of the pops by Christmas - Wild Cat DM

Well Catherine your taste in music is a little dissapointing...

I reckon the real ones were all eaten by the Essex lion (sh!t, what a thought, I had considered Essex boys junglish enough without this bloke joining in!) and they have had a Tussaud's loan of wax figures to replace them. Take away the Greek's shoulder and you get the same as that Ken of the Barbie variety has rather than the little soldier standing to attention or at ease.

Gosh, you are so rude Brian.

Yes, I practice disrespect every day before breakfast and take the odd lesson from my friend Cate. ;-)

Most of the cast of TOWIE are that colour anyway and have huge manes of hair so I'm surprised anyone recognised it as being a lion.

I love it too. think it's brilliantly done. There is only Harry and the Queen look like normal people - the rest look as though they are on the wonk or a bit geeky.

Brian & Zoe,I like the Royals, but I still find this picture funny. My opinion would be different if it had been done to HMTQ but it still would not warrant hate mail. As you say secondly. Some people are too far up themselves...

Cate - that is utterly brilliant and I am now giving you the official title of SFN Rapper. I think you should record it is a potential Christmas number one.....

Brian, I also stuck that on my facebook wall, only to have hate mail, "how dare you", and a long ensuing thread of people ranting about how I was being disrespectful to the throne by posting it.

Question... why should I feel loyalty to "the throne".... I'm not even from the commonwealth.

Secondly... if you can't take the piss, what life can you possibly have?

Look what Ron Birks put up on Facebook!

Teehee, I wonder what the Eye will make of this? Royal bum and the Sun all in one, gotta be good.

Well as Private Eye used to say "There's more bum in the Sun"....!

Must be one of many that has not looked at his naked photos, am not that interested. I really don't see the Sun's point in the photos being "in the public's interest", nor do I see the Sun as being "the most popular British tabloid". Who are they trying to kid, on both counts.

I just think Harry should be more careful of his friends, but how many of us have done the naked bit in public (assuming our garden is deemed to be a public place, like a private hotel room)?

Leave the lad alone and report on more newsworthy items you Editors.

And keep off the Bollinger at all times

Perhaps too much Cranberry juice can cause problems...

Sadly I stay with Perrier...