Hello Nick! Been quiet for a while but all’s well. New pc OK with W7 but need to change my oldish Lexmark multifunction printer for a new m/c on low budget.

I’ve checked out Cdiscount/Darty/Surcouf/Fnac.

Tempted by an Epsom SX218 at under 50€ or a Brother DCP-J315W at 70€.

My usage is modest - but looking for quality, quiet, rapid, economical ink consumption.

Before breaking the bank I wonder if you or other members have any views to guide me?

Pleased to see the group is healthy and growing steadily - due to your excellent stewardship.

To all. Eventually settled for the Epsom SX218, influenced largely by 26 users comments and a 90% satisfaction rating. Bought at Conforama 59€ including initial 4ink pack. My Lexmark is now with Emmaus who may make a few Euros. Cartridge World accepted my old Lexmark cartridges in exchange for a 40€ Epsom 4ink pack and threw in a spare yellow. Printer working fine although noisy. Thanks again for your comments.

Many thanks Lawrence, Patricia and Stuart, for your helpful comments. My Lexmark is really arthritic now and needs a permanent rest. The new models seem attractive and the prices very reasonable. I’ll visit a couple of stores over the weekend and check out those you have mentioned.
Re ink renewals I recently tried the Cartridge World refilling service and was pleased with results. Cost is about 50% of makers prices. I wonder if any members have had experience + or - to share; particularly related to 4 cartridge printers?

Hi Stanley

We’ve bought two epsons recently and they both work very well. I find it really good that we can change individual colours. Mine is the 510W at around 79 or 89€. It has printer, scanner and copier and connects to my hopme network, meaning I do’t have to switch on the computer it was connected to via USB.

Hope this helps.