Printing photos from facebook on my desktop

I want to print a few photos of my grandchildren for my mother. However the photos I want are on my daughters album in facebook. Is there any way I can print directly from facebook?

Keeping you busy this pm. :)


There's one way I've discovered - It's not especially straightforward but avoids downloading:

1. Click the desired pic in the album;

2. Click 'Options' at the bottom of the pic. & select "Enter Fullscreen"

3. Right click pic & select Print. (You can go to further pics in the album using the < or > whilst still in fullscreen mode.

Works on Win 8.1 using Chrome, but I haven't tried it on other combinations. Final pic has a slightly odd layout, but should be fine for showing to Mum.

Right Click on photo, select "Save Image as…" and download to your desktop, or downloads folder, or wherever, then open image in a suitable application and print from that. Un jeu d'enfant!

Hi! I've tried to do this in the past, and I've always had to download beforehand... They've only just updated their settings to allow this to happen in a simplified manner.... Sorry it's not a positive answer...