Private health insurance until titré de séjour is approved?

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My wife and I will move to France very soon for a long séjour (passeport de talent). In the first 2 months we will be covered by the Mastercard Black travel insurance, but after that we will be on our own. Given that the titré de sejour + carte vitale process will likely take around 2-6 months to be completed, we are thinking of hiring a private health insurance for that period of time, just in case.

I’ve researched a bit but couldn’t find any options for non-residents.

What do you recommend?


Try @Fabien. Consistently good feedback on here for all types of insurance. I would imagine they can access policies for the period you need.

Evening Jonas, you can have a look at our offers directly online on medical insurance section. Just select “I need insurance for residency application” (even if that’s not exactly what you need in your case) and you’ll be provided with a list of policies / options that are compatible in your situation (and you’ll see the premiums as well) :wink:

Let me know if you have any other questions,

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Thanks a lot, @KarenLot!

@fabien I’ll take a look, thank you very much.

Try ACS, for resident permit applications

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If you are here on a passeport talent, surely you will be classed as resident?
Also I always thought the passeport talent required you either to start a job or register a business as soon as you arrive, in which case your entitlement to healthcare and social security will start immediately.

@PeterE thank you!

@Sandcastle Yes, you are correct that a passeport talent need a job or start a business as soon as one arrives.
I may be misinformed, but what I was told was that I still need to have the titre de séjour in order to be considered resident and therefore eligible for healthcare and social security.

I was under the impression that if you have a visa, the start date of your period of residence is the date on which you enter France. I could be wrong.
I think you have to obtain your cds (if you need one) within a maximum of 2 months of arriving in France, this validates your status in France.
The start date of your right to healthcare etc is normally the date on which you start work, so this will be either the date your employer enters on the déclaration d"embauche or the date on which your business becomes active…
If you have to pay any healthcare costs out of your own pocket in the early days after you have started work but before your sécu account is set up and you get your carte vitale, you keep the receipts and you will be able to reclaim the costs once you are all set up. Although of course you cannot start mutuelle cover until you have your sécu number so you would have to meet co-payment yourself.
Do check this information but it is what I have heard from others in your situation.

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