Private Supper Clubs

Private supper clubs, where you invite the public into your home to pay for a meal that you have cooked at your home. These have sprung up all over the world such as London, other areas of the UK, Australia... etc., They exist here too, of course in Paris but also in areas like Lyon. I did wonder if anyone on the Survive France network are involved in them and if so, what their thoughts are?

The reason I ask is because I have started a 'private dinner club' here in my home, with a professional english chef (retired) and his wife. Between us we have a love of cooking, entertaining and get a buzz out of seeing people enjoy good food. We started last October and everyone who came booked up immediately for November. December we decided that everyone would be too busy with the festive season and we are now looking as to how we progress from here. Our first meal for 2016 will be a Burns Night and yes, we offer both meat haggis and vegetarian haggis but as a starter not as the main. Yes, we are legal, my siret includes being able to offer meals whether for people who stay overnight (I run a Chambres d’hôtes and english business language training too) or for people who just come for a meal. I was just interested to see if anyone else was doing anything similar and to discover what response they'd had.

My only experience of anything of this nature was when I lived in the Aude and a group of us had a "Secret Curry Society" and some of us would host evenings and those who wished (cooks or non cooks) would pay to come and eat our food - bringing their own tipple with them. It was great fun while it lasted and now I live in the Cotes d'Armor I would love to get involved in something similar there.

Had a wonderful experience in the home of two Trpeziennes while in St. Tropez. Very welcoming, excellent food and some very helpful insights on the area. The dinner was arranged through Highly recommended.