Privatisation of Channel 4

I’m not sure who’s heard about them wanting to sell off Channel 4 - not cool! This closes on 14/09. I’ll see if I can find a newspaper article discussing the issues!

Not greatly surprising that UK govt would want to sell of Channel 4 which often highlight the many shortcomings of the current UK govt.


Channel 4 is already private, owned by the people who funded it. Thats the taxpayers of the UK, this is just giving away to a conservative donor what we already own :hot_face:

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BBC would make more sense to float a chunk of except for news and docs.

Not in favour of either, whilst they are not perfect still better than Sky and Murdoch.

Privatisation of Chanel no. 5 would also be interesting…

The Tories hate Ch4 because it calls them out time after time after time, unlike the BBC Tory fangirl Kuenssberg. Even the odious Mark Francois mentioned her in a chummy, palsy-walsy sort of way on Radio 4 today.

As an aside, during the same programme Francois informed listeners that he’s written a book (I hope he was joking) which tells the Brexit “battle” story from his and his thuggish ERG pals point of view. He characterised them as modern day Spartans fighting their own battle of Thermopylae. At least the programme presenter had the presence of mind to remind listeners that the Spartans were wiped out at Thermopylae :joy:

One can only hope that Francois and his ERG suffer the same fate.


I’ve been itching to add an ‘n’ in the title for seven hours now but I don’t know where we got to on changing titles after the last incident :see_no_evil::joy:

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Oh gosh I’m so sorry - I hadn’t had my coffee and was half asleep and have had 2 separate people correct me as I’d spelt 2 words wrong in the title (bloody impressive if you ask me considering there are only 2 proper words :rofl:!!)!!! No offence taken (thick Aussie skin), I’m often tired and often my fingers go faster than my brain!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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