Problem with Copropriete

Hello everyone, I am having trouble with the copropriete in my building, in my flat in Paris. Wondered if anyone could help me figure this one out?

Thank you Tracy!

Hopefully in amongst your house insurance contracts you should have legal assistance. Contact them first of all and they should take it up for you. I would also write to the syndic requesting further information on the damage caused, including photos for you to give to our insurance company. It may be a good idea to copy in your contractor and you must send everything recorded delivery.

You should also join the Friendly Advice Bureau on here, as there are some very helpful and knowledgeable people reading these boards. Good luck!

Thank you Tracy.

I received some very bad news in the mail yesterday and I do not know what to do. I am not in Paris at present, but will return in autumn.

I am a new flat owner (studio) in Paris. I live in Paris part of the year, I moved into my flat in March. I did renovations on the flat (put in a kitchen, new floor, paint) that were completed in April. I was in Paris until June.

The copropriete of my building had their meeting a few weeks ago, and I could not attend because I was not in France.

Yesterday I got in the mail a brief letter from the syndic saying that the work on my apartment had caused "degradation of the stairwell". No description of who complained, what the degradation is...nothing, just demanding my insurance information. I have no idea what they are talking about! I contacted the contractor, he said he had no idea either, and several friends who've been to the flat said they didn't know either as no one observed "degradation" to the stairwell!

I do not know the French system very well yet and so I do not know the proper thing to do. I am confused because there is nothing wrong with the stairwell, no one ever complained to me while I was there, and my flat was not the the only one being renovated, they were doing work above me for many months.

What would you do?

You need to post a few details to let us know what the difficulties are?