Problem with expired UK licence

Hello, I have decided to exchange my UK licence for a French one only to discover that my UK licence expired last year. Apparently I can apply for a new UK one but only with a UK address. This is problematical as they also require addresses for last 3 years and I had lapsed with my notifications of changes to them so I would rather not go down this route… Or I could just send in the expired licence in the hope that is ok. What do you think?

Apply to the DVLA for a Certificate of Entitlement that lists the categories that you are entitled to hold. They will send that to a French address. That can be included with your application.
The Catch 22 is what do you do until your French licence arrives as technically you don’t have a valid licence. :frowning:

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Thank you for that. Will they send it even if my licence is expired?

Yes Anne. I had exactly the same issue a few years ago. My photo had expired (although not the licence) and I got a Cert of Entitlement from the DVLA. I just phoned and they sent it to me in France. Cost £5 I think. My prefecture wanted it translated which cost another 40€ but hopefully yours will just accept it. Be prepared though to be asked for a translation.

Best of luck!

There should be no need for a translation because it uses the same European codes that France does. You will not use a prefecture as all exchanges are now done through Nantes.

Clearly I haven’t got a clue how to exchange a licence these days despite reading several threads on the subject :smile:

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I came to live permanently in France last month. My UK driving licence expires in April 2019 when I will be 70. Apparently I cannot apply to exchange my licence for a French one until I have lived in France for six months. Does anyone know whether I can legally renew my UK licence in April? I no longer have an address in UK, nor am I registered with a UK doctor any more.

I’m sure that you can apply as soon as you become resident. When I applied to exchange mine I was never asked for proof of how long I’d been here. As applications seem to be taking at least a year at the moment I’d do it ASAP.
As a French resident you cannot renew your licence in the U.K.

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