Problem with Linux ubuntu - Skype and other things

I have a baffling set up on my PC, and I cannot get SKYPE to work. The person who set it up is Polish, and will not come to anyone's house to sort out any problems, even though he has a legitimate business. If I want any help from him, I have to disconnect all the cables from the PC tower, and take the whole thing a distance of 8 kms to him to get the answer. Whilst I am there, there are constant interruptions from his small child, who dances in and out, and so the whole thing does not bode well to get the problems sorted. Please, is there anyone who lives near me who is prepared to come to my house and sort out my PC set up ? I really am at my wit's end with this set up. I live not far from La Chataigneraie/ Mervent/Fontenay le Comte.

Hi all

We have had a big problem lately with our PC, Had to put a new HD in and reinstall everything, we are using Evolution to take wanadoo for emails, It keeps asking for a password but we cannot find anywhere to insert it, really frustrating, any advice please



Windows 7 and OSX are available (albeit not free) and seem to run all popular apps well.

If one is determined to use Linux, and it is still in general an OS for computer fans not computer users, it's inevitable problems will occur especially if you rely on a third party to manage it for you.

If as seems the case Rosie has no computer knowledge, which is fine why should she, installing Linux seems to be asking for trouble.

Nick, in what way will it be asking for trouble? As a Linux user I find that comment a little odd.



Why would you want to use Linux tho? That is rather asking for trouble


Rosie I have sent you a private message on this issue. If you had posted it in computer corner I might have seen it sooner.