Problem with Linux ubuntu

I know i am a daft female, but normally do not have many problems with things on my PC..... but some how i must have knocked something and now there is no minimise, maximise or close on the top right hand corner of my screen.

Added to which neither can i access another screen by clicking down at the left hand corner, so i am forced to keep closing off the PC, with "file and close" on top left of the screen when i want to access another screen.

Please can anyone help a poor damsel in distress ? I will keep open my e-mail screen in case some lovely person can help.


Many, many thanks, Bob, for all your kind help. I will be in touch in a couple of weeks for some Skype help. Until then I am surrounded by dust and more dust, as i am having new double glazed windows fitted. thanks, once again, for your kind help.

Steve, the problem that Rosie was having was with Firefox. She had pressed F11 at some time and had a fully maximised screen. It is all sorted now.

Rosie, may be a daft question but my Ubuntu has the Min/Max/Close icons on the top LEFT, this was a recent change. But it can also be affected by changing the "Theme" you might be using.

If that does not work then try using -- (two minus signs before replace).

Go to a terminal Applications-Accessories-Terminal. In the window type "metacity -replace" the press return.