Problems accessing bbc RADIO iplayer

I'm having problems accessing bbc radio iplayer whether I'm trying to stream or access a stored broadcast. All I get in the pop-out window is the 'Sound of Silence' page which talks to me about a mis-match between the service and my device, and when I try to play a stored programme through the main window, it doesn't load. I haven't changed the ISP (Orange) or my device (laptop running on Windows 7) or any permissions since March, up to which point it was working fine, apart from very occasional buffering issues. We live in suburbia with a relatively good speed (but no fibre).

I have disabled TrackMeNot, Ad Block Plus, Ghostery and NoScript on (all added by my security-mad brother), run a complete virus scan with Avast (nothing came up), updated all the common software like Java, checked the permissions for pop-ups in Firefox (which updated itself last week, but the problems with iplayer radio pre-date the Firefox update), and emptied the trash bin (and re-started), all to no avail.

Can anyone suggest something else I could try? It's my only connection to the UK as we don't have cable or satellite TV, and I often use it for personal and teaching use, so I'm feeling very frustrated and abandoned! Thank you in advance. . .

Just an update to confirm that my lack of BBC iplayer radio was indeed a Flash player problem. I had tried updating Flash in June, with no change. I was prompted again last night to update Flash, which I did, and this time everything works!! I think my previous Flash updates didn't install properly.

I am SO happy (and listening to 'When the going gets tough' on Radio 2 as I write!). Thanks again for the tips, and long live Auntie Beeb!

Hello Pauline

thank you for your update! I have tried the first two options, but no luck as yet. I think it'll be either a cache or a Flash problem; I'll look into it very soon. At least I now have hope!

It appears to be a problem with Adobe Flashplayer "stuck" in Firefox I Googled "Movie not loaded" Firefox and found a Mozilla help page which suggested all sorts of buttons to press. I started up Iplayer Radio, pressed the appropriate buttons CTRL+F5 and up came the Archers. Job done!

Hello again,

I've just received a lovely reply from the BBC (I'm impressed!):

". . .at present there is no trend in content being inaccessible to non-UK listeners. . . .Other steps you may wish to try would include completely removing Flash and then re-installing it (as opposed to updating the previous version you have had). Furthermore, you may wish to try an alternative browser other than Firefox, to see if this overcomes the issue. If you find that this does not resolve the issue and a wide range of content is unavailable to you, we would appreciate any further update from you. . ."

Like Pauline, I tried updating Flash, but to no avail. After Steve's suggestion, I tried using Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, but it wouldn't load (I don't yet have Google Chrome). When I have a moment, I'll try reinstalling Flash, and then using Chrome and let you know.

Thank you to all for your feedback!

Well, that didn't work!

Firefox started playing up on the Radio IPlayer last week, it would open the page but there was no Play button ! I switched to Chrome which worked fine. I have just checked and it is working in Firefox now but I'm sticking with Chrome for time being.

I'm getting the sound of silence too -On a PC with Vista and Firefox. Must listen to the Archers! There's cricket on long wave. I found a reference to adobe flashplayer but can't find it againi. I downloaded the latesr version but no change. About to log off and log on again.

Loading fine for me on a windows 8 PC using firefox, hola and adblock. Radio 4 , 4 extra and 2.

I don't know if that helps or not.