Problems between Wanadoo and Hotmail?

I have a Wanadoo email account. Over the last week or two I have been getting ‘bounce backs’ from any emails sent to Hotmail accounts with the message that Wanadoo is on Hotmail’s ‘block’ list.

Why? Wanadoo, part of Orange? Reputable, surely?

This is a major problem for me as I am frequent contact with freelance journalists, many of whom use Hotmail accounts.

I’m getting around it by using my spare address but it’s a real pain.

Is anybody else experiencing this?

Would I be better off changing my account to Orange or does Orange suffer from the same problems?


Thanks Nick… and hope you had a good sleep!

So, and sorry to sound thick, can I set up/send from Gmail (as Wanadoo) BUT leave my other email accounts as they are? I don’t want to give it a try and then find there’s no way back!

Thanks Nick, I have had a look already and it looks OK. I just need to take the plunge.
I already imported my contacts, now I just need to take it further.


Ok, Stuart and Chrissie, there is a setting in your Gmail settings page, that allows you to authenticate to your other email accounts - it sends you an email with a code you have to then enter back into Gmail to prove it’s actually you. Once this is done, you can send email from your Gmail account as if it was from any of your email accounts. If you then set up your other email accounts to forward all their emails into your Gmail account, this varies on each provider, then Gmail now becomes the center of your email universe.

Stuart, you can use Thunderbird to access Gmail, as it supports IMAP and POP3, but these days I prefer to just use the web interface, as it means my email is where ever I am, and I’m no longer PC centric. This means I can get at my email from my Android phone, iPad or any internet connected device with a web interface. Long live the cloud :wink: The latest Gmail interface is very usable, and worth the time and effort to get familiar with it.

Once you are set-up, you can start using Googles other Apps , and save yourself a fortune on software purchases, as you then have a full word processor, spreadsheet etc, also where ever you are.

Hope this all makes sense, it’s late and I have just flown back into London from Berlin , so I’m a little tired.



I’m also interested in your Gmail comments (and had completely forgotten that I set up a Gmail account months ago!).

How does the account consolidation work? Is it an all or nothing scenario? I mean… could I set up Gmail to send as if from my Wanadoo account for recipients who can’t receive Wanadoo emails but still leave my actual Wanadoo account intact? (I use Outlook with my Wanadoo account and wouldn’t want to lose some of the useful Outlook features such as delay send, acknowledgement requests etc.)

Hi Nick
I’m interested in what you say about using G-mail as if the mails were coming from your wanadoo account? How does that work?
When you say you use the web interface, does that mean you can use other interfaces?
I am currently using Thunderbirdc and have done for a while with no major issues.


There is no doubt that the best all round email service is Gmail from Google. The services they offer and the anti-spam are second to none. I have been using it for years, and for over six years in France without a single issue, so i can’t recommend them enough. It allows you to set it up so you can send emails as if they came from your Wanadoo account, and you can get it to receive all the email from your other accounts, I currently have 5 such set-ups.

It is compatible with pretty all main email clients, but I have always just used it through the web interface, as it gives you 8 GB of storage , which is more than enough.

I would set up an account , it’s free, and have a look and see what you think, and you email problems could well be behind you once you have.



Thanks Philip. Yes, this week has been particularly bad.
No point changing to an Orange address then…