Problems on a Smartphone

I use a Samsung XCover3 most of the time but it is proving troubkedome e ith this web site.
When creating a post the editor seens to have problems with my touch screen. The pointof contact that the editor registers is a few lines above where I physicalky touch the screen.
In order to relocate the cursor I must first close the keyboard to get the editor full screen; then take a guess at where I should touch the screen to get the cursor a lines above that point. I cannot use the “Create Post” button, that is at the otttom of the screen, too far down to be registered.
This seems like a relatively recent change (last 3-4 months), can it be fixed by means ither than buying a bewer phone?
I can work around it by switching my browser to “Desktop view” but would orefer not to have to.

Have you tried in Settings:
Personalisation>Accessibility>Vision>font size?

Ha ha… I’m soooo glad I don’t have a smartphone…

Odd the phone should just report the coordinates of where you hit the screen, if the editor code is Javascript it shouldn’t really be aware of any difference between using a phone and a desktop.

In fact I’m doing this reply on my phone just to check and, apart from the usual frustrations moving the edit point just a small distance (which never seems to work) all seems ok on mine

Does this problem affect other apps on the phone?

Does your phone have a way of recalibrating the touch screen?

It is only the survive france website where I have this issue. Not seen it anywhere else, and I do spend far too much time on forums and facebook!
I have not tried the personalisation feature, I forgot about that. However, the editor should respond to the coordinates returned by my touch screen ; it is as though something is adjusting those coordinates…

Ha ha… I know @james is in charge of the Forum… but I had not realized he was able to influence your smartphone… ooooo spookey… :open_mouth::rofl:

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I just changed my theme from “dark” to “Add Navbar 3 Bob”. It is now working as it should😊

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