Problems paying ordures menageres online

Anyone else having a problem entering their reference number for paying the waste collection tax online - used to be so simple but now for the 2nd year running - the website tipi budget does not recognise the reference number - (guingamp office). It could be so simple…

Hi Maggi… “for the second year running”… how did you sort this last year?

Sounds as if whatever it was last year… is there again this… :zipper_mouth_face:

I pay mine by monthly prélèvement through my bank. I popped into the office and filled in a form and it’s now deducted automatically, much easier :slight_smile:

I had a problem with the reference number a couple of years ago and paid at my local Trésor Public. When I was there they pointed out the error, the first four digits were 1916, they should have been 2016. It’s been fine ever since.

i emailed Guingamp office with no success and paid the usual way - by cheque -

i assumed this year they would have sorted it out - no such luck. Seriously cannot be bothered trailing all the way to Guingamp for a face to face.

Do not like this system - I have to transfer, knowing me
i would probably forget. Did that a few years back and it cost me a fortune.

That sounds about right but 2 years to fix when they have been informed.

Yet another update - I telephoned Guingamp yesterday and his answer was that he would be at the Callac desk tomorrow should I pay by cheque. They just don’t seem to get the gist - its all about convenience - he says he will look into the incorrect date ref and see if there is a solution - he says he will get back to me but I ain’t holding my breath - one word fr french customer service - nonchalance…

Hi Maggi…

Surely it would be really convenient to pay by prelevement… in future? They send you the Bill and tell you what date they will be taking the money… what’s not to like???

If you write a cheque… you are supposed to make sure there are funds to meet it… so either by cheque or prelevement… you still have to watch your Balance… :thinking:

The one thing I do not like is the idea of French Direct debits - love them in the UK ad they are so easy to cancel etc - I have no overdraft facility within the CA and usually a so busy I can almost guarantee I would forget to stick the dosh in the bank and then run into trouble - I seriously would never have moved to france without the convenience of internet banking and being able to pay online - its so easy - you can leave it to the last minute - so very convenient.

Sorry, Maggi… you’ve lost me…

With internet banking… it is so easy to make sure the funds are where they should be… unless you are talking about handling cash and not paying the cash in … in time to meet the prelevement. ???

Whatever… let’s hope the paperwork is sorted out properly for next year…

My income is UK based - I have to transfer money to pay my bills from my UK bank - so its easier to pay by card.

Look at the Transferwise borderless account

Are you saying that you use your U.K. account to pay your bills in France?

I simply use Transferwise to transfer into my french bank account

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I don’t understand why it’s easier to pay by card. You need to have the money in your French account whether you pay by direct debit or online.

Ok so this website allows you to use mastercard, visa eg my visa cash card from my uk bank - are you being serious re the french bank card…

It’s pretty easy to cancel a French direct debit - what’s the issue?

lets call this thread a day - its getting seriously boring

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Who is this reply aimed at?