Problems sizing digital photos to suit US visa reuirements

Has anyone ever applied to the US Embassy in Paris for a Non immigrant visa?

We are frequent visitors to the US and until now have travelled under the Esta visa program, which is obtained online in just a few minutes, but limits the stay in the US to 90 days.

Because we want to stay longer we are applying for a Non immigrant visa which allows a max stay of 6 months. To apply for this visa one completes and submits online a DS-160 Form, after which you are given an interview date at the Embassy in Paris. The problem we are having is uploading a photo onto the form which is a requirement.

The requirements for the digital photo are stringent; the overall size must be 51mm x 51mm [600 pixels x 600 pixels] and the size of the head and distance of the eyes to the bottom of the image must be within a range, given as a percentage of the overall size of the image. Photo kiosks near us produce photos 45mm x 35 mm, so I used Adobe photoshop elements 12 to change to the US required size, but the image became distorted and was rejected online. I have tried taking photos myself and obtained the correct size image, but could not get the head and eye percentages withing the given limits. I have tried unsuccessfully with my limited French to explain to professional photographers the US requirements, so I am hoping one of our members has overcome this problem and can advise how they did it. I should add that I had no problems last year getting a new UK passport, but the size photo produced by kiosks here complied with the UK requirements.



Thanks Sandi

Don’t know where you are but studio photographers do take U.S. sized photos. Don’t use the booths. Then scan the photo using help from the U.S. embassy app. Have never had success with taking my own photo.
Good luck