Problems with badly fitted carpets

Hi all

I recently paid €3000 to have some carpets fitted on my stairs and 3 bedrooms. This was only a few weeks ago. When the stair carpet was fitted there was supposed to be an edge added to the carpet to make it stand out more. The carpet fitters were not given enough by the owner. The fitters also stated they they were not given enough carpet to do a good job in the stairs and one of the fitters refused to have anything to do with the stairs. The runner up the stairs is wonky. I said I would live with it for two days and if I did not like it I would contact the owner direct.

I contacted the owner who stated that he was away for a week but would get back to me. No never heard from him.

I Have noticed that the carpet in the master bedroom is bunching, it looks ugly. The hall carpet has lifted free from one of the metal runners and could now be classed as a trip hazard. I can’t close any of the doors, one bedroom door will only close 6 inches because of the way they have fitted the metal strip.

I contacted the British owner again on Tuesday and was advised that he was due in the office yesterday and that I would get a response. I have still heard nothing.

They are a legitimate company. Is there anything I can do.nnall communication is done via email.

Hi Ann, just out of interest, was your problem of badly fitted carpets ever resolved? I would be interested to know who the company was if you wanted to pm me. They should have had decennale insurance to have been legally working in France.