Problems with Doctolib


It’s all happening to me at the moment.

I have just received an e-mail from Doclib saying my appointment for next week has been cancelled.

I called my doctor’s office to check for another appointment, and was told the Doclib has gone tits up.

Appointments are being cancelled incorrectly.


Contact the doctors office to clarify.

Do not know if this is a problem for our hospital or is more widespread.

Hope this helps


I presume you mean Doctolib and not another similar sounding site. There was something on the news recently about the sites for rdv’s being overwhelmed due to the lack of medical professionals in many regions and people getting all sorts of rdv’s.

Hi Shiba

Do mean Doctolib, sorry.

I have been told it is a technical problem with the site !

But it could have been made worse by other issues.

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I am not surprised because I had a bad experience with them in trying to get a rdv for the 1st covid jab. I was searching as far afield as 2 neighbouring departements and on 2 occasions they gave me one which I accepted but then I had to fill in a lengthy online form. By the time it was finished they had given away the rdv to someone else. A reasonable thing to do would be to hold an offer till the details were confirmed. But not with Doctorlib. I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole since.

Our own new surgery has a connection to ClickDoc but I avoid it in case it is the same. In any case the new surgery is in the nearest village and I pass it a couple of times a week so can easily book appointments in person.


gosh… makes me realize how lucky we are that our Doc has a telephone-receptionist service. I can talk with a human being, explain the importance/urgency of the situation and throw myself at her mercy…
works very well for me…

and she appreciates the odd occasions when my first words might be… “it’s not urgent, as soon as is convenient will be fine…” her sigh of relief is audible… :wink:

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I loathe Doctolib and only use it in addition to things like Yellow pages in order to find specialists when I haven’t a clue and no-one has recommended anyone. Our GPs are on Maiia instead as are quite a few specialists and I know there are others.

A friend of ours had the exact opposite of Andy’s experience with Doctolib. Several of us had had a good experience with a particular rhumatologue so she made an appointment using Doctolib. When she arrived at the cabinet for the appointment, his name wasn’t on the list and she finally found out he’d retired a couple of months earlier… :roll_eyes:

Funnily enough, this was the lady we later took to a couple of specialist’s offices in order to make an appointment in person :smiley:

We changed from our previous long time cabinet simply because it was impossible to get an answer to the phone call. The only way we could get an appointment was drive there in person, a 30 km round trip.


When she arrived at the cabinet for the appointment, his name wasn’t on the list and she finally found out he’d retired a couple of months earlier…

I wonder if our previous doctor used Doctolib for my specialist hearing rdv back in July. I drove the 50 kms to Perigueux only to be told that the man was on holiday and no, I didn’t have an appointment anyway and no, you can’t make another one now, only your doctor can do that.

Got a hearing test booked 15 kms away in Nontron for December, made by me in person, but even that is a postponement from a couple of weeks ago because the man was off sick. Desperate to get it done as I am sure my inability to hear French on the phone is due to some sort of impairment.

Morning. Could this also be linked to the USRRAF website issue? Tried to redo me August payment this morning and got a “500 internal server error” message this time, rather than the 401 server error last time.

I think they have integrated a number of systems over the last year?

Cheers - Steve

There was something on the French lunchtime news some days ago about Doctolib.
Seems they are not now booking Doctor appointments.

Yes, I was reading something the other day, but thought it was the site removing Dr’s from their lists of contacts…

Isn’t that what the OP is referring to?

not clear… he says appointment cancelled, not that his Practitioner has been removed from the site’s list…
Doctolib stopped listing “unregistered” health folk … natropaths/whatever
« Nous avons décidé de nous recentrer exclusivement sur les professionnels référencés par les autorités sanitaires », a déclaré le président de Doctolib, Stanislas Niox-Chateau.

One of my problems with Doctoli is that they only list the private specialists and not the ones working in public hospitals. Given that my recent hospital experiences have been very much better in a public hospital than the private one in the same town, I do prefer to try to make specialist appointments there. Tricky to find the numbers though, although ringing reception and asking to be put through to the relevant department can work.

that’s how I located my bone-man…

here’s an Ameli link which folk might find useful…

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If I needed a bone man I would just walk next door!
Our neighbour has just qualified as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.

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Hi Graham

No, problem was the appointment was cancelled by e-mail, when checking with his office the appointment was still valid !

It’s a much better resource in many ways than Doctolib and I use it myself. However, as far as I understood it last time I had cause to use it, it also focussed on “Independent” doctors not ones who work at a public hospital, but that could have changed of course. I have been regarding the on-line access portals as a means to more intensive privatisation.

it all depends on how you define your “search” criteria…
I think it’s worth playing with it a little to properly understand what the various options actually mean… I shall enjoy pottering…

I’ve found that even having made a face to face appointment with my MT and various consultants I get a reminder from Doctolib. They must be using it too. I guess Pages Jaunes lost that battle. Hopefully privacy is assured.

That’s nifty. How so? Did you simply rock up to the clinic/surgery and ask ?

I’m deeply at two with the Doctolib system.

Dialed up a list of dermatologues.
Opened the paractitioner’s details.
Hit ‘book an RdV’
? … ‘New or existing patient?’ - New
‘On line booking impossible.’

Call the clinic’s number.
Recorded message … ‘Make a booking on Doctolib …’

I did actually get to talk to someone three weeks ago. Offered an RdV in Dec. As I am changing the dressing on this thing mornings and bedtime, although Dec is better than the June 2024 offer, I think sooner than Dec is medically necc.

I shall try link Stella posted.