Problems with Ionos Webmail

Just wondering if anyone else is having the problem I’m getting this morning. The virus checker on the machine I use for looking at webmails hosted by ionos has blocked acccess to the logon screen saying

“We blocked mail dot ionos dot fr from being downloaded because it’s infected with malware”

Is this a blip of the virus checker? Difficult to believe that ionos is producing malware but I suppose anything is possible…

(Sorry about the big bold print at the top - I didn’t do it, honest, and I can’t get rid of it)

this resource suggests they are operational. Have you tried getting your emails through a different client (like Thunderbird) for example?

are there 2 stars at the beginning of the text?

AHA! What I found was not that there were stars at the begining but that there was a hyphen at the end. I removed it and things look normal :thinking:

Re ionos - I actually normally use Thunderbord but am in teh process of shifting the client to another machine so didn’t want to run it until I was fully across.

Interesting that I found going to the website and clicking on the login gave the same result… hmmm…

Edit - also if I click the login button from the status page you linked to. Double hmmmm…

Looking at Twitter the most recent tweet just moments ago for “ionos webmail” seems to be a complaint about Avast antivirus and ionos then lots of complaints over the last week (not related to antivirus) that ionos webmail has been having issues, none of which actually answers your question as such, but it does give background and suggests at least someone else is having antivirus related ionos issues.

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Thanks Kirstea - it’s always reassuring to know that it may not, for once, be just me :rofl:

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You’d think there would be a better way to do this, some sort of official channel, in fact you’d think any way was better, but rather worryingly the Ionos UK social media people have taken to tweeting the avast account, perhaps out of desperation and panic, so it suggests this is widespread and you probably shouldn’t worry :laughing:

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That’s brilliant Kirstea! Thank you :hugs: - the machine I was using had AVG on it,so you’ve nailed it!
As you say though a random tweet is hardly the way to communicate with their vast number of customers … grrrr

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