Problems with my netgear wifi extender

I am just trying to plug in my netgear wifi extender, I have had it a couple of years and it has worked fine. But can't connect to the extender again this spring (I use it for the gites). I have recently changed the p/w on my SFR box, and then gone back to the original p/w. I have reset the NG back to original factory settings. And thats about it, completely stuck. If anyone out there could offer some advise, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks I'll take a look.

Thanks for the info.

Hi without more specific details about your router, try the info at this link. You will need to set it once again as an access point now you have set it to default



Peter JT

Could be loads of things and as you don't specify the exact model of wifi range extender, it makes things a little harder :

1) encryption used on your SFR box for the wifi password - has your box been updated recently ? (most likely you wouldn't even know as "they" (as in the telco) never tell you when they push updates - most home boxes should be using WPA2 / PSK (public shared key) by default ;

2) whether or not you have WPS activated on your SFR box - this is a shared password pushed out by the box to a device that has asked to pair with it, but there is usually a sequence of steps to accomplish in order to do that for extender devices - this generally involves plugging in the extender right next to your box, or connecting to the box with an ethernet cable and then pressing some buttons or connecting to a web page running on a web server on the wifi extender to change some settings ;

3) if you've reset to the factory default on your extender, chances are that it has been given a default IP address that is not on the same subnet - your home subnet may have IP addresses that are 192.168.1.x, whereas the extender might be using a different default IP address corresponding to a different subnet and therefore not be able to communicate with the box.

There are other possibilities, e.g. your SFR box has had MAC address firewalling activated, and the Netgear extender's MAC address is not included on the list of admissible devices, which is a possibility if it hasn't been plugged in for 2 years and something's changed in the SFR box's configuration.

Probably, the most common is the IP address mismatch, i.e. your SFR box and Netgear extender are operating on two different subnets - how you sort this out generally depends on the model of Netgear device - some extenders have buttons and an ethernet cable, others require you to connect to a web page running on an embedded webserver within the extender device and change the settings in there.