Problems with order from Castorama

If you want to renovate or buy a kitchen. Whatever you do, do not order with CASTORAMA. For me it took 6 months and finally they had to glue a door to a drawer in order to fill up the space of one of the cupboards since they couldn’t find any door that fit after 5 months…Those doors were invoiced full price of 206 Euros…They were supposed to give me 10% as a final reduction but they ended up giving a lot less and calculating some pieces that I returned into their final “geste commercial”?? They were nasty, impolite and even talking in a very insulting condescending way. A real 6 months nightmare.

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I’m sorry to hear you have had problems with your order but on the other hand, there may be people who have purchased from this supplier with a successfull outcome so I have amended your title to reflect the issue more appropriately.
Perhaps you might explain, was the supply based on your own calculations or did the shop attend to measure up and more detail on how the order was placed might be helpful…

Exactly Graham…we ordered a kitchen from Casto and collected it on time. All pieces were present and correct and we had absolutely no fitting problems.
An added benefit was that it was sale time and although I cannot remember the exact figures it only cost something like 2500 instead of 3500.
I have never had a problem with them in almost thirty years.

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Yeah well we have recently had (the latest) in a series of dreadful customer service experiences with Castordrama as they are now known in this household. Never EVER again.

They need to join the 21st century. Or at least our local branch does.

Dear Graham!
It wasn’t only the way they solved the issue, it was mostly about their insults (stating that I should ask an accountant as if I was too stupid to understand) because I showed them that they didn’t give what they had promised…, “arnaques”, I think inadmissible. They were very nasty and very bad attitude. I have to specify that this is Castorama Le Cannet in South of France. I’m sure their service level and attitude in case of problems depend very much of the GM of each store.

I really think it must vary branch to branch because I have never had a problem in Vannes(56).
I do however more usually shop at Leroy Merlin where I find the choice and service excellent. The negative there is that it sometimes does take a while to find someone on the floor to assist (depending upon the time of day).

And once when I bought 3 tilt and turn windows that were in a clearance display, after failing to get what we wanted in the normal way (they said that windows opening to the left did not exist - apart from these clearance ones that is :wink: :laughing:) and it took 30 minutes to pay for them because the computer did not recognise reduced ‘prices’, only percentage reductions. :astonished:

In the end a management person arrived with a pocket calculator to work out the percentages for the poor little confused computer, the result ran into half a dozen decimal points. :laughing: