Project renovation - more shopping and crazy cats! - Monday 27th August

Project renovation - more shopping and crazy cats! - Monday 27th August

What happened on Sunday you may be asking yourself, well to be honest bugger all, we actually had a day off! Hooray!!!!

My sympathy for the cat has diminished somewhat, as when I came into the Lounge I saw paw prints on my clean washing. John tried to convince me I was going mad as the doors are now secure and all the windows were shut! He soon changed his mind when he saw the cat had pooped in one of the bedrooms, TWICE!!!!!! We have no idea how he got in, but he has certainly made his feelings toward us very clear.

Off to the shop again, here’s a photo in case you don’t believe we actually go, well more for Andy’s benefit to prove we go each time, it still isn’t any better!

building supplies

We also had the fun of taking the grinder back, it broke after a week. It was easier than in the UK, but I have just found out that I have been saying I speak, a French small pea! and not, I speak a small amount of French My “je parle le Francais petite pois” should’ve been “je parle le Francais petite peu”!!!!!!!!! I had been so impressed with myself before it was pointed out to me, but it does explain why so many people smile at me.

Also did the weekly shop today – it cost 85 euro’s for enough food for 3 for a week, 7 bottles of nice wine and a case of beer – and people tried to convince us how expensive it was to live in France ha ha who’s having the last laugh.

The second consumer unit went in today and all rooms have plug sockets and working lights and switches, it feels really strange walking into a room and being able to switch a light on, the house is starting to come together now and its getting exciting all over again.

Sat in the upstairs lounge, John arrived with the wine and Andy was getting ready to serve dinner, heard a massive clattering of plates and assumed dinner was on the floor, jumped up to go and see if he was OK, when the cat ran past me and dived through the hole under the bath, again not sure who was more shocked, me or the cat!!!!! It turned out that Andy hadn’t dropped dinner but the cat had ran around the kitchen jumped up on the work top and managed to run across every plate before running up stairs. I saw him dart into the bathroom and into the hole under the bath, the poor thing has obviously been trapped in the house since yesterday, which now explains the poop and the scratching that John heard during the night (but thought it better not to tell me, which was probably a good idea with my over active imagination, a cat would not have been my first thought).

The cat will not come out so I have left a trail of meat to the top of the stairs and we will be leaving the door open tonight, its sods law, we finally have a safe and secure house and are going to leave the doors not only unlocked but open to let the cat out!

On a positive note Andy’s spag bol and homemade garlic bread is the best – thank you

The house was all quiet, the cat was gone so time for bed, Andy and John are sat having a drink and I have just started to drop off when I heard 2 distinct meows!!!! Came down and asked if they had heard anything, Andy tried to convince me it was on the radio and that my imagination is yet again running wild, joined them for a brew and then we all heard the meowing, the bloody cat was still under the bath!!!!! Andy was left to try and entice him out, lots more ham and fresh water was given, beginning to wonder if he might be happier under the bath with his little feasts!

The cat finally left, we saw him sat further up the road, glaring at us, before turning his back and stalking off!

Top tips

1. When locking the house make sure that there are no wild animals in the house!

2. Don’t believe people when they say it’s more expensive to live in France, look around the different shops.

3. When learning French be sure to get the pronunciation correct or you may sound like a real fool!