Proms in Hyde Park etc - something to raise the spirits in troubled times

Just beginning to catch up with this year’s Proms… finding it bit by bit on youtube…

May not be your choice, but I like this…

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Hi Stella - I really do like Les Mis but I am not convinced that overlapping those 2 songs works particularly well - there seem to be an element of competing.

I know both songs so well that I found it an interesting experience.

looking forward to finding the whole Prom as it gradually gets loaded onto youtube… so relaxing leaving it playing as I potter around the house.

Just found this one from last year… Josh Grogan gives a good rendition of one of my favourite songs.


@Stella - I think you are talking about Chess (Elaine Paige & Barbara Dickson) not Les Mis!


this thread can wander where it will, so long as we enjoy ourselves.

The 80’s was a decade where it seems so much time was wasted on hair

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Love the proms, you are right Stella, it raises the spirits. I thought Jamie Barton was fabulous.

I’ve got to go now … but I’ll gradually find the rest… this is just 4 minutes of madness.

I remember having some, vaguely :rofl: