Proof of S1 status

We have sold our rental apartment. The notaire is asking for proof that we have S1 status so our social charges tax can be reduced. I have sent her a copy of the S1 certificate but as this is dated 2014 she says it is not up to date enough. The l’Assurance Maladie statements used to have "Rel. Internationales on them which our accountant says proves that we are under the S1 regime. But now the statements have “RI Entrants” instead of the Rel. Intenationales. Does anyone know if this is the same thing?

I’ve just checked my Attestation through my Ameli account… and it clearly shows that my Health is covered by another country… (UK in my case…)

Valable du 07/06/2022 au 06/06/2023 sous réserve de changement dans la situation de l’assuré


I suggest you print out an up-to-date Attestation.
EDIT: @artbymarion I’m presuming you are French Resident, in the French Health System with a Carte Vitale ?
Is this correct?

Thanks Stella,
mine also says Gestion but no mention of the UK. I have been searching to find out what this meant with no success.
Thanks again

It’s the number “70” which tells everyone that your Health is taken in charge by another country.
70 doesn’t mean any country in particular…
You have the S1 from 2014 and your current Attestation showing the magic “70”… so your notaire shouldn’t give you any more grief.
My S1 was handed to CPAM more than 20 years ago… and never needed any other since then… CPAM are happy that another country covers me… and that’s that.

Code gestion : Lexique et définition – Previssima.

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This has been a big problem for many British people since Brexit. And there is no generally agreed standard of proof. People have managed to get statements from the DWP, or used P60’s, EHICs, and attestations sur l’honneur.

Keep trying, and eventually you’ll get there. It took us many, many emails and phone calls.

I’m just wondering … are folk saying that their Ameli Attestation showing “Gestion 70” is not accepted??


It is entirely up to the notaires what they accept as proof, and a piece of paper that says code gestion 70 means nothing to many of them. Even when accompanied by the definition of this code. Ours just metaphorically shrugged.

Good grief, that is astounding… Ameli’s own document which a Notaire doesn’t understand… phew.

I shall be interrogating our local Notaire next time I see him… poor chap almost flinches when he sees me waving from across the room, as I’m always picking his brains about something or another.

I think your local notaire may well have had experience of this issue with post-Brexit British people - aren ‘t you in Eymet with significant British population? So yours may well know, but this may not be représentative.

The reversal of the decision for capital gains re British nationals happened on 14 Jan this year, so it is still very new to many. And there are so many different ‘code gestion’, and one’s Ameli status is not something that comes up that often re notaire transactions.

Well, as they’re asking for info re S1 which is very much to do with Ameli and French Health Care… I do admit to being surprised that they can’t make that connection in their minds.

anyway… I would suggest that any Brits ask around at various Notaires…(even if it means going a bit further afield)… before putting a property up for sale… so they can ensure they use a Notaire who IS up to speed.