Propane gas consumption


We bought a house in Aude last year with a Morice professional range cooker, running on bottled Propane gas. We are only at the house occasionally at the moment, and for the first few months used up the gas left by the previous owner. We replaced both bottles in April this year. I think they are 32kg each from memory - they are about 5 feet high - and we have already used up one, just using the stove top, not the oven, for about 3 weeks in total. We turn the gas off completely when we leave the house, but when we are there the pilot lights are lit and they do seem to burn more fiercely than I'd expect and warm the room up. Does anyone have any experience of this type of set up and know how long we should expect a bottle to last? We're concerned we could have a leak, and as the bottles are about 80 Euros each, don't want to be wasting money (or more importantly creating a fire risk).



Turn off the pilots and turn off the isolator to the bottles or install the latter(and turn it off)

with a small standard gas cooker, a standard bottle of gas would last us just over 3 months so it does sound excessive (but then a range cooker would use more)