Propane Gaz for cooking

Currently we use Propane for our Gaz cooker with the bottles stored outside the house (shortly to build a small housing for them which is down a gravel path in front of the house).
We use the metal Propane bottles (blue bottom/silver top)
image image
and the appropriate red détendeur.
The bottles are quite heavy to move around and have been considering the use of the plastic bottles (as we do for the gaz heater indoors - Butane) which are much less heavy.
My question is this.
Propane is recommended for use where the bottle is stored outside because of low temperature issues (serious minus temps can cause problems with Butane) but I am having a problem identifying a supplier of Propane in a similar size ± 13kg bottle. Sure, they have the small cube designed for BBQ’s and caravans but we’d be forever changing the gaz over (typically in the middle of cooking a meal!).
It seems strange that Propane is not available in a larger plastic bottle - unless you know differently…

Mmm… I shall follow this thread with interest… :wink: :relaxed:

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Antargaz have 10 kg bottles with wheels on them (sheesha). I do believe they are the plastic bottles but they are Butane. image

Have you thought about a fixed tank. The supplier i am told installs the tank, you pay for the filling. Surely this way it would save you lugging 27kg bottles around the place.

Yup Roger but it seems overkill just for cooking on the hob…
It’s Propane we’re after though for the reasons stated…

Out of curiosity why propane? We use butane for cooking basically because the previous owner left us a bottle and a spare so we never questioned the choice. Should we have done?

Yes @JJones for these reasons…

" Propane has a lower boiling point than butane so it will continue to convert from a liquid to a gas even in very cold conditions, down to -45ºC. When stored as a liquid in a tank, it exerts a greater pressure than Butane at the same temperature. So Propane , as an LPG, is most suitable for exterior storage and use."

and this reference…

Butane is perfectly OK for use indoors when stored in the cooker units you often find in France (and of course room heaters).

Different tack!

I recently designed our kitchen (after several years of residence) and had the option of adding a gas hob, but because there are many steps up to our house, I decided that carrying gas bottles up the steps wasn’t a good idea in the longer term.

Instead, I went for an induction hob, which is as responsive as gas (I’m a serious cook and this was an important consideration). In the event; after four months of use I’m really pleased with the induction hob - it’s as responsive as a gas hob, but is much easier to clean. The only downside has been that I’ve had to ditch a couple of old aluminium pans that don’t work on induction .

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Not an option for us sadly @DrMarkH
I’ve recently had a pacemaker fitted and induction hobs are off the menu… have to keep 2 meters away from them and my reach is only about .7 of a meter :upside_down_face: :wink:


Well, I suppose from my side that’s further incentive to look after my heart, otherwise we’ll have to get a new hob!


Thanks…our butane bottles are in the inner garage (easy for getting in and out of car) and connected to the kitchen by piping. So I won’t worry that we should be doing something different.

Just wish we could have a gas oven tho’!

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Any reason why you can’t have a gas oven.

We cook a lot, so have a piano and couldn’t find one with a gas oven…

Our butane bottles are outside and only once in 10 years has the cold weather stopped the gas from flowing. The answer is to cover the bottle in an old duvet when extremely cold and we haven’t had a problem since. Of course you have to keep the duvet dry.
Dont site bottles in a cellar as if they leak the gaz is heavy and will not disperse, but you might if it goes boom!

must have been bloody cold then John Propane can go down to -45ºC and keep flowing :cold_face:

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Sorry should have said butane, have amended.

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OH has got interested in this thread… since he is the one who has to lug the heavy butane bottle every 6 months or so… depending…

The bottle stands in a cupboard underneath the hob. We deliberately chose a gas hob so we could cook even if the electrics were “off”… as happened a lot in those early years.

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but you can get Butane in the fancy new style lighter plastic bottles now stella - save OH’s back - you just need to arrange a new contract (cash in the old one) and in some places you even get a brand new clip-on style détendeur which makes changing over even easier. The Butagaz Viseo bottle is only 10kg (weight of gaz) as opposed to 13kg for the metal ones but the bottle itself is much lighter being made of plastic :upside_down_face:

we don’t have a contract… just 3 bottles we inherited 1 and bought 2 others many years ago…

but, as you suggest… I will look into things… we go to the supermarket where they have all the bottles stored/sold outside 24/7.

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