Propane supply


I bought my first home 5 years ago which had an oil fired boiler which was easy to get the tank filled, my second house which I bought 3 years ago has a Finagas propane tank which can run the central heating and hot water.

Since I have a ready supply of oak wood I have never used it, heating my house with the Supra wood burner which has a hot air system for the rest of the house plus a 200l Chauffe-eau for hot water.

My 86 year old father in law is now staying with us and I want the gas central heating as a back up as he feels the cold, I was told the tank belongs to me as it is over 12 years old, so like the oil for my other house can I just get a supplier to fill it or do I have to take out a contract to get it filled.

In the 3 years I have been here Finagas have never contacted me about the tank and from what I can see it from the plate it was installed in 1971.

I only use the tank for a gas hob just now and want to get it filled so I can get an engineer to service and check the boiler, but don’t know how to go about getting the tank filled.

Many thanks


The Finagaz name no longer exists and is now Antargaz. I think you will need to contact Antargaz and set up a contract. Their web site says that if you have bought a house with an existing tank :

“You can contact us at 0974757575. You validate the terms of a contract in your name with an advisor. To do this, you must communicate to him: the date of the signing of your final purchase deed, the date of your move in, the contact details of the former owner (name, Customer Reference and new address), the level of the tank gauge.”

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So I can’t get a one off refill like I could with the oil tank, I have to enter into a contract.

Old owner will be a problem as they have died and I have no family contact address or reference number.

I really did not want a contract as the heating will most likely not be used I just wanted it as a backup, I take it the only way to check if the tank is mine will be to phone antargaz, also i will have to check who is the cheapest in my area as I have heard some horror stories about how much a contract is with some of the suppliers

I suggested Antargaz because you have one of their citernes and presumably the previous owner had a contract with Finagaz. It’s not gospel. You could always contact Butagaz or another supplier. There are four responsible for 95% of gas supplied. Maybe they will ‘just’ fill it up. Or maybe the citerne needs to be checked and maintained before they will do that. I’m no expert. I have had two citernes, both with contracts.

Thanks for your replies.