Properties in the Gers for sale

*Gondrin, near Condom

This property is a farm that was refurbished about 12 years ago, and is in the quiet countryside 20 minutes west of Condom.

See slideshow here.

The price is 240K euros.

*Ten Minutes from the capital, Auch

This recently built “provencal” style house with a marvelous view of the Pyrenees incorporates all modern conveniences including a heat-pump for comfortable winters and the (rather unique) ability to have higher-speed Internet. The local phone exchange is upgraded to VDSL and there is 4G available from a bird’s-eye view of the transmitter-tower.

The villa is less than an hour from Toulouse (to the east).

The slideshow is here

It’s asking price is 285K euros.

Is there any land with this property please?

Two properties have been listed:
*The first in Gondrin has about 4000 square meters of land of which none is available for construction. The house itself can be extended, however.
*The second has about 2500M2, of which approximately 1250M2 can be built upon.

Hi Tony,
Thank you for responding so quickly. Actually have horses so looking for 20
acres plus but could compromise for a nice property but not that much!
Kind Regards

Kerry O¹Regan
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