Property advice - Albi

We are looking for some advice on the feasibility of finding the right type of property in Albi or in the Toulouse-Albi corridor. We currently have a house elsewhere and have a very specific set of requirements. At this stage it’s not about a specific property search, but establishing whether what we are seeking is potentially achievable. Any advice on local experts gratefully received!

Give us a bit more detail, Martin, what are you after? :wink:

Hi! We would be looking for a house with a swimming pool and within a 20 minute walk of restaurants, bars and shops. This is essentially a replacement for the holiday villa we have at the moment but which is in a more isolated location. We are very attracted to Albi for obvious reasons but the residential areas surrounding the historic core didn’t really inspire us on an admittedly brief tour. There may be other areas we didn’t see, and it could be that there is potential in the hills en route to Cordes, but at first glance these might be thin on the ground and a long walk along a busy road without a footpath. Our criteria are a bit demanding (!) and it could be that we’d have more luck somewhere like Gaillac. If we looked outside Albi, one of the towns on the rail line to Toulouse would be the best option as we’d like to be able to get into the city by train.

I think it’s the 20 minute walk that could be an issue. We lived in Carlus which is a lovely area but not walking distance to your requirements. Gaillac is a nice town, there are also Valence and Villefranche and Carmaux, as Mr Hearne will tell you. I am sure you will find nice houses in Albi with a pool.

Many thanks for coming back to me.

As Ronald has already rightly said, Albi, and the area in general, offer plenty of houses with pools but the 20 min walk to restaurants etc. is where things get a little difficult. There are places right in town in both Albi and Gaillac but the suburbs aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. As soon as you move out to smaller towns the restaurants/shops/bars are far more limited and quite frankly not up to much compared to Albi. I think this may take you a little time and a lot of exploring! Bonne chance :wink:

Thanks Andrew - we’ve a challenge on our hands!

Hi! Glad you found us. Welcome!

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