Property and household tax

I just read that the taxe fonciere bill should come in oct (and be paid) and taxe d’habitation in Nov.

I bought my house in June and assumed the notaire looked after transference of taxes relating to the property. Was I being naive?

I have received nothing in the post, here or my original Irish address.

Should I have done something about this already, and if so, how can I rectify it now? Go back to Notaire, or somewhere else?

Thanks all

yes, Elaine, it changes automatically - the notaire is responsable for notifying the authorities after the sale has gone through, and yes you will pay 2014 in 2014. Tax is often collected late rather than early - income tax being the classic example ;-)

aah, yes that is correct - we thought we had paid for 2013 (7 months pro-rata). I was expecting a bill around now for 2014 - I thought taxe fonciere was paid in advance (for following year).

So just to clarify Andrew, we will pay Oct/Nov next year 2014, for 2014?

I was in Mairie yesterday and they printed something out for us - it had old owners name on it for 2013.

Does this change over automatically then? As in the state records - thanks in advance

no - the people you bought from pay both as they were there on the 1st of january this year. You will usually have paid a pro-rata amount to them at the notaire's to cover from the dy you bought to the end of the year (for taxe foncière only). You'll start paying this time next year ;-)