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Hi All
Could I trouble you all with an entry-level question? Where can I (quickly) find the area of my house? I know it’s on a bit of paper somewhere but my filing system is not the best…

Using Google Earth you can measure it but it will not be particularly precise.

If you bought in the last 5 years it should show in here:

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Otherwise, it’s not quickly necessarily if you don’t have your login to hand but has a handy section titled ‘biens immobiliers’ which gives you all the various sizes of the house at least, I’m not sure if it also contains the entire plot size and how much is garden etc too.

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Thank you both- I’ll have a look in the morning

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on your compromis or Acte de Vente

Never noticed that bit before on the impots’ site… very interesting.
It shows our buildings, with some detail …

That is most interesting - and for us, it’s not correct :roll_eyes: I’d better get on to them…

I think it does say that some stuff is not yet updated… depending on when sales/purchases were done…

but can’t hurt to check things with them.

I was worried that a delapidated building (but still standing) was not being noted… but it is… phew… don’t want any backdated tax bills.

Not all our buildings are shown…

I believe if any of them have no roof then they won’t necessarily be shown. When we bought our place the cottage at the bottom of the garden had no roof - four walls open to the sky. We were told that this was taken off by the previous owners so that they didn’t have to pay tax foncière on it and when we wanted to restore it we had to get a “certificat d’urbanisme” to confirm that there was, in fact, a building there which on the cadastral plan was no more than dotted lines.

No roof = no tax? Cunning plan. Not sure it applies in England but they did it anyway

Now they want 20 quid p.w. and the restoration is out of your pocket. And the lease is only 20 years!

All I can find is the cadastral plan?? Is this something else?

You have to connect to your own space on impots gouv fr

then click on Biens immobiliers

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