Property for sale -no immobilières but a notaries phone number

Came across a farm /small holding for sale whilst on holiday. We have been looking for an out of the way property and this seemed to tick quite a few boxes. It had a vendre sign on the gate and a notaries phone number.

There was no immobilières phone number so no chance of finding any details. Any reason why this was advertised this way.

Will have to ring and hope they speak English as my French is very poor.


you can buy from who ever you like- 50% of sales in France are private so don't miss out on all the particulier à particulier sites including pap, leboncoin etc. ;-) this is the site I've found as couldn't get the link posted to work - good luck with your search! I didn't know you could buy from Notaires - I am going to take a look myself!

Thanks for replies. Only saw it on last day so no time to call in. Will try website and then try out my French.

Completely normal, just phone or call in to the notaire ;-)

by advertising only with a notaire the fees will be reduced - no agency fees to pay. Lots of French go direct with a notaire and cut out the immos

it has been around for a long time.

There is a web -------which has property for sale by notaires which may have the property details on. Often they are being sold this way as the result of a death but msny people use them instead of an immobilier.